Tell you how to make study the first when go up
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Occupy on study the first, not be the business that Yao cannot reach. you cannot be occupied the first, basically have two reasons: The first, method of lifestyle, study is incorrect, the 2nd, a when do not have adamancy. Here face perseverance is the first important, studying a method is the 2nd important. In actual life, complete China still has 70% above to although was occupied,take first student the first, but they are not perseverance is the most stubborn, perhaps say study method lifestyle is not best. They perhaps today is the first, tomorrow is not. That is to say, if you are pressed occupy first method to learn, go taking exercise, general metropolis exceeds one existing.

Brilliant the first should pass tough effort to you just can get? Because,saying it is difficult is " the perseverance that fosters adamancy " it is the hardest work on the world, the will that only you had adamancy just may be become the first, true of course way of life and study method also are particularly important. Here what is firm perseverance, want you to be able to press when the face asks to do only, and make a record everyday, perserve, everyday uninterrupted hold to a semester, a year, 3 years, so your perseverance is achieved with respect to enough occupy first to ask. In this in taking exercise, be afraid of to have among you discontinuous, harships, mood, disease, housework is not the reason that your terminal exercises etc. You want to remember, learning major is the most important in your student life, the importance that works without what can exceed it. Besides firm perseverance, accurate study method and lifestyle also are very important.

The first had wanted psychology to close

The first everybody can be occupied, it is not certain also to take first fellow student so cleverer than you how many, cerebral cell also does not compare you certainly much. Is edison to had said " is the talent the sweat of 99% adds the about a hundred inspiration of 1/0 " ? So you the first had wanted psychology to close, that is to say: Want to be certain you can succeed certainly, regular meeting exceeds one existing, include now is first yourself.

The 2nd should take exercise every day

The body of neither one health, your what thing also is done bad, although now and then had been done, also cannot long. Everyday 30 minutes or so take exercise must hold to every day. The form that take exercise is varied, it is OK that ran, big ping-pong, push-up, standing long jump is waited a moment. Some learn face together, see others not ran, be afraid that oneself run people saw feel embarrassed, that is wrong, healthy body types or forms of literature is the capital that does all businesses.

Manner of the 3rd study wants decorous

Before attending class every time, the content prepare lessons before class that must prepare the teacher to tell is good, bad understanding, won't content makes good number, the place is being told in the teacher is serious listen to a talk. If the teacher was told,return later won't, must ask a teacher again, until clear till. Asked twice 3 times to return when a problem won't when, average fellow student feels embarrassed asked, must not such, teachers like most " pay no attention to clear swear not to stop " disposition. Class hour wants serious listen to a talk on, think seriously, when making nice note, be clear about certainly, because the value pen textbook of note is returned, review those who come basically rely on it.
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