The individual result that the family teachs is comprehended
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Jiang Shengnan, the girl, 6 years old, nan of pet name Nan. Mom Yao Ying says, her home does not talk to go up really what education, do-nothing and treat just. I think however, appreciation, good-tempered, await child ego to grow, it is important principle of education, this a lot of families are not done actually reach the designated position.

Like a daughter namely present appearance (photograph two pieces)

The father mother of Nan Nan is the person with gentle nature, have patience very much. Nan Nan has the action that does not suit, have the problem that does not know, father is met its give not tire of irritatedly her preach reason. Guest person, nan Nan plays a bit madly, disturb know clearly everybody, mom can come over her cuddle, on a few say stealthily in side side. Father mother and guest talk, nan Nan bends over to write line of business on the ground, resemble a small insect, write a little while climb a paragraph forth, father mother also does not say she does not have custom. Often, mom of Nan Nan note: "This dress is good-looking, I will wear this to go up tomorrow nursery school. That is not good-looking, I do not want to wear. " occasionally mom would rather ask a grandma to come out to talk: "This good-looking, I feel to had been held out! " also won't enforce the dress that the child wears mom make choice of.

Because tonsil is a bit intumescent,Nan Nan has very long period of time, conversation is not quite clear, but father mother is listened attentively to as always, interrupt anything but. When Nan Nan and people say, the other side the first did not listen clear, father mother also not exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs, let Nan him Nan repeat all the time till the other side listens clear. Want to promote this petty thing, because I had seen another grandmother that look after children,be, the child talks very not clear, but grandmother is very able, know the child all meanings, and replace the child every time give others meaning explanation, the result just begins speaking clarity to the nursery school on the child all the time -- the motivation that liked the parent of exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs to weaken child ego to develop actually too.

Still have a lot of things, the father mother of Nan Nan did not resemble some parents in that way child of the standard judge according to popularity, requirement, force to the child interference, however the true colors of appreciate child, let the child grow according to his true colors. The disposition extroversion of Nan Nan, dare say to dare be done. But the child of neighbour hit Nan Nan when play, she did not say with father mother. A friend saw, told mother, mom asks: "Did you strike back? " she says: "Without, his mom is in, I am afraid that her mom says me. " the friend says, the child was endured bully, return recreant be afraid of getting into trouble. Father asks in reply however: "If a person always likes excellent, always be strong, who can can bear him? How can he blend in a society in the future? " he feels instead, the child should not answer little setback thing, did not think of to bring a lawsuit against to the parent, psychology is very healthy; Even can consider the situation, protect oneself, this but cannot be recreant be afraid of getting into trouble. Recently, the teacher lets Nan Nan represent all child speech in activity, ke Nannan says however: "I do not go. " after coming home, mom asks Nan Nan why. Original Nan Nan is afraid that he forgets a word when the speech, give the speech screwed up, mom did not say other. Come an uncle of be a guest does not agree, think to should capture this opportunity to exercise speech ability of the child. Mom feels, language expression ability of the child is OK still, the child had made a decision according to his circumstance now, such pretty good also, the parent need not be criticized.
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