The story of severe father and stubborn son
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Walk into institute of Beijing University physics, will to Li Dingping teach quiet office, he is reading a large physics book. The atmosphere of the school, the scroll of that a suit enrages the atmosphere of the office and Li Dingping, let interview trail light book is sweet, what the bound comes out outside is blatant disappeared bit by bit, the world of the son that left this scholastic father and him only...

Hit with stubborn son " protracted battle "

Generally speaking, accurate father is to do not have special perceptual impressional to the baby that was not born, but " stubborn " individual character becomes Li Dingping to be opposite not was born deep impression of the son. This let him recognize the small disposition of son Li Jihan ahead of schedule, also let him be in in the future of the son " stubborn " before preparation of quite intentional manage.

"I feel he and other child are different, disposition is very stubborn. General and fetal it is 5, 6 months begin to move, but his embryo age 4 months when, play mother badly, seem to must be kicked just agree to stop somehow like. 8 months after be born can walk, it is namely probably inside mom abdomen came out crural interest practice. " such " stubborn " let Li Dingping be full of proud.

After be born, gruff disposition of the son was brought to father " but " . Small its writing brush is born in Taiwan, the hospital of Taiwan to the new student have major nurse the task, the baby can live in the hospital a month. Small its writing brush the home is returned after 3 weeks, because be in a hospital to eat be used to milk, accepted a mother to breed no longer, when he wants to drink milk, if be fed a little a bit later he was not drunk, can cry all the time...

Was brought up now, stubborn disposition is behaved more adequately. Nevertheless at that time stubborn, more it is to get father " breathed penalty " . Those who confront a son is stubborn, li Dingping won't bestow favor on him absolutely, but also won't blood and iron, however " should call a protracted battle " , "He holds to how long, I hold to even more for a long time than him. For instance he from bad language learned over there a few impish little boys, I can tell him that is wrong, but he says even, I am used ' pay no attention to him ' will punish him, do not compromise stoutly. Do not compromise stoutly..

Developing brave drive is father " patent "

The son is very mischievous, bump everywhere, not be here knock wrap even if over there touch broken skin. But Li Dingping still does not restrict a son everywhere the freedom of scamper about, just be when it is dangerous to happen likely, reminding him aside, look at him. "Cannot prevent the child completely to play those game because of danger, was brought up otherwise this also also dare not be afraid of then, unlike boy. Want him to make the game that wants to do as far as possible, but the security that should have protected him by. But the security that should have protected him by..
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