" traitorous boy " how to win scholarship of British name school?
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Last week 6, reporter from Chengdu ministry of 7 China border learns, this school abundant of 9 students higher primary school already by complete flower rank the Xie Fei of the 4th aerospace of Er heart university is professional " this large is read repeatedly " the class is admitted. Admission notice did not arrive, annual the fellowship letter of 2000 pound is sent ahead of schedule however. Letting what person click of the tongue says to surprise is, this outstanding boy ever was one lets teacher and guardian very those who have a headache " problem student " .

Once: "Problem student " achievement glides

Move and age are taken on the face of abundant of higher primary school of clean-fingered Yan Xiao not of conform to sedate, "Good introversion! " the press photographer was amused a long time, he just squeezes an one smile with bashful silk constrainedly. His father " disclose " , do not look now such, before him but make teacher, parent special,have a headache " problem student " .

Have the abundant of higher primary school of definite idea very much as a child, elementary school when 56 grade, still had won award of abstruse contest third class, it is a class go up famous " mathematical king " . Go up nevertheless after junior high school, because forget to head operation, be late, attend class the problem such as talebearing, abundant of higher primary school often is scolded offensively by the teacher, punish a station, ask the punishment such as the parent this lets his stubborn feeling and teacher " part is bad " , flat " broken jar is broken fall " , do not do work simply later, not attend a lecture. High school, be disgusted with learns a mood to achieve acme. "By what does the teacher think he is right forever? " " teacher and student why cannot does equality get along? " " know to copy teaching plan in on classroom Mr. XX, change me also can teach! " these problems surround in the brains in abundant of higher primary school, let him feel the teacher is special " oppressive " of the student, then achievement suffer a disastrous decline, make name of just a little of the reciprocal on the class.

"I am special at that time be fed up with study, like a football, rock and roll, still learning to hit frame to rouse, from their body I just can find joy. " abundant of higher primary school says so.


Father's decision

To the child traitorous, the parent ever had consulted psychological doctor. Fortunately, the father that ever had worked in England, without child of one-sided ground blame, he analyses patiently: "Teacher and child should be respected each other, but what teacher more of China uses is acid, scold wait for a method! Likelihood the crucial point that this is a problem. " he resolutely decision, change an education environment to the child.

At this moment, a surprise happened -- , high school teacher is informed abundant of higher primary school to prepare to go abroad, say at once, do you still stay in the attend a lecture on the class to work? The abundant of higher primary school with strong proper pride throws the door and go out. Father is determined more sturdily, turned to learn for him immediately.
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