Help child breaks away from passivity to take a beating
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Quick quick the child is a frank and cute child, going up often say to be hit by × × child after nursery school. After we hear the parent very sad say: "The child had not endured a finger in the home, let others hit to nursery school instead. " his father tells him, who hits you again after, you hit him. Do a mother feel such education are incorrect also, should make the child bit more good-tempered, but be afraid that he is too cowardly again, how to do later?


Such problem often is encountered in seek advice. Some parents are containing tear to narrate these things even. Of the parent feel distressed, furious we can understand, but we persuade the parent to want to see this thing, ground of one divides into two goes analysing. The child takes a beating is not meddlesome admittedly, but guide proper, the life of can rich child is experienced and play truly experience, let him learn to get along with the person the method that resolves contradiction.

Contemporary family child lacks a companion, be used to a family safeguarding him. But come in the group, as a result of the difference of every child personality and family education influence, make its behavior behaves each to have different. We analyse the child's characteristic and the reason that lay a person first:

1. Small age and language develop slow child, because the language develops lag at behavior, often appear to replace oral language with limbs with person association. Be like: Want other toy, the word has not wanted to speak a mouth, start work first take, the child that playing a toy did not work, you grab my toy to be no good, I also should start work backstroke, bring about the phenomenon that lay a person to appear.

2. Character of some children diction is communicated when disabling, use dozen of person to solve a problem. This kind of child often lacks the efficient way that resolves contradictory conflict and make contradiction upgrades.

3. Individual child belongs to aggressiveness strong, often solve problem or court other people with the method that lays a person.


After understanding afore-mentioned situations, we might as well begin to teach the child from the following respects.

● notices the language that develops the child conveys ability, let its learn to be communicated with language and person. When be like the thing that means others, want to discuss with the person first: Does your toy still play? Can play to me. Others promised to be taken again. Ferial in, the parent is about to teach the child institutional expression, communication from these bagatelle.

● guiding child seeks the optimal way that resolves contradictory conflict. The parent can combine the condition that the child reflects, help him analyse its origin, make its make a clear distinction between right and wrong, inspire him to seek the means that resolves contradiction from much angle next, hand-in-hand travel is compared, actor choosing.
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