Father tells about achievement of the child after learning result half an year i
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Han Tiechu learns Wuhan city in class 7 (6) class student Yue Shijie, some let teacher and classmate look at with new eyes now -- , originally achievement flatly he had greater leap inside half an year, had been located in grade front row now. And these, with the education of his father cent does not leave.

Yue Shijie's father is teacher of a military school. After Yue Shijie enters junior high school, because of incommensurate new environment and new teaching method achievement flatly, see these, high mountain father is anxious a little. He is afraid of again preach too much, can let son allergy, adopt then " the curve is taught " method, know a son then from the teacher in school case, study the weak situation on especially, study a result in the home and son communication next, "When my hour goes to school, still go with this method, you can try. " this is high mountain when father and son communication, say to get a maximum sentence.

Yue Shijie makes mistake again and again when doing maths to inscribe, high mountain father discovery is on a few examination questions, the child is trashy and constructive this intuitionistic method, bring about a method to make mistake multifarious and easily. "On this kind of title, I am commonly used before constructive law, you look, gesture on the graph, the answer that chooses a topic came out. " communicate through similar study, yue Shijie pays attention to the inducing that studies a method more, achieved the result of get twice the result with half the effort thereby.

Study convention of Yue Shijie is good, come home to do work rapidly everyday, but often arrived,still did not do at 9 o'clock in the evening. High mountain the work that father discovers the child is not much, it is the son won't agree manage arrangement time only, "More haste,less speed " . Finally, every time when Yue Shijie does basic cycle time to get on for 1 hour, its father goes in " disturb " , chat a little, let the child watch TV. This kind of means that strike a proper balance between work and rest, the operating speed that lets Yue Shijie was accelerated many.