Be disgusted with learns a teenager to walk into world name school
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Compere: Audience friends everybody is good, greeting everybody continues to watch " contemporary education " program, I am to get the better of spring, today, my general gives everybody introduction a such boys of 18 years old, he just before the admission notice that this large that received the aerospace major that ranks the university of heart of Xie Fei Er of the 4th in complete England before long reads a class repeatedly, get this information, no matter be to he or him family is mixed,should say friends, it is a joyful thing, but you may not know, old before, he is one ranks reciprocal first student in whole class, and very be disgusted with learns, before our program, we understand first through short.   
Compere: Good, give us two honored guests that audience friend introduces our studio above all, one just takes an examination of the abundant of higher primary school that attends college of heart of Xie Fei Er namely, welcome you, additionally one is the father Gao Fengxi of abundant of higher primary school, welcome two, should congratulate abundant of higher primary school above all, also congratulate your father Gao Fengxi. Yes, the child is taken an examination of attended a college, a moment ago we are mentioned say, when the child is small, once had had a paragraph to special be disgusted with learns and study result bad, when don't I know abundant of higher primary school is small what kind of?   
The father Gao Fengxi of abundant of higher primary school: From him the course of natural whole evolution looks, when reading elementary school, each respect has compared whole study situation, and can saying to reading elementary school also should be more outstanding, the initiative that learns to this especially, enthusiasm is better, and above the abstruse number event that attending elementary school  
Still take overpraise second, put after learning, go reading this, e.g. abstruse number these classes when, he is very painstaking, oneself buy a loaf, perhaps take a bowl of side, keep the bike in a place, drive a car to learn, come back by car next, come back by bicycle again, it is we feel the sort of initiative is exceedingly powerful.   
Compere: What appearance is when is Xiaofeng still written down is he smally, study? Does that moment have advantageous feeling?   
Abundant of higher primary school: Yes, still have advantageous feeling quite, from a few report of classmate and teacher to me, I feel myself is especially strong the sort of, study is good still, the teacher feels I am quite clever, like me quite namely, it is very favorite my the sort of.   
Compere: I hear of small when, the classmate is in charge of you to call mathematical king.   
Abundant of higher primary school: at ordinary times the teacher attends class when giving a title, I often finish with respect to the first, make me say I make the teacher immediately, very excited.   
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