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Danish parents Yo view
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Be in Denmark, put the child outside " of buy without giving thought to " , it is a very regular job. Young father and mother of Denmark often the child " put aside " the siesta in the courtyard outside abode, just now and then look downward from upstairs window.

Denmark is one of European developed countries, also be one of tall welfare state of the most negative great reputation on the world. The Gao Fuli below was propped up to offer a variety of privilege such as insurance of free education, medical treatment, unemployment benefit to Danish common people in tall taxation policy, make a society quiet and stable, common people life does not have trouble back at home, accordingly, denmark is one of countries of lowest of the crime rate on the world.

Additional, be the same as the photograph of tall welfare state of other north Europe to compare, danish thought is compared " lead " , many people think, the child " alone outer " the independent consciousness that is helpful for fostering them.

The young father and mother of person of Ke Dan wheat also is faced with an a Gordian knot, that is they always forget the child that brings back their. At this moment, the police became best nurse, they can get on the ave long nobody are gotten or be in the soporous child on lawn each remands.

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