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How does Belgian teach the child
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As a father of 10 years old of children, for company child experienced the education of Belgium and China, by comparison, have feeling quite.

The elementary school that the child attends in Belgium, the school calls panda elementary school, sound resembling is an elementary school in fairy tale. Every sky learns the son to loosen easily gently, resembling is to go fairy tale country played one day. Without exercise coming home, the course of the half is to let them start work the mould that make. The teacher often looks after children people go for an outing, visit of all kinds museum. The son mentions madam of Napoleon, World War II, thalassic war, Einstein, Courier to wait a moment, very familiar with sth. I do not know, to student of low grade of an elementary school, it is these common sense important or rate of mental arithmetic of multiplication a pithy formula is more important.

Panda elementary school of the son often holds Party, children dance, performance, comfortable and clinking, missay not nervous also. After the son returned home, the situation is different. He besides should finish many classwork and exercise coming home, go up on the weekend even with most child euqally class of take lessons after school, appear whacked every day. Think him once relaxed and clinking student career, I am unavoidable also if somewhat regret.

See domestic parents, supervising and urge the child does a homework to no matter how long have patience,go up. See they provide for oneself in the life on encounter a few thorny issues, monopolized at once. Remember be during Belgium, , same the friend goes for an outing by bike, the bicycle of their son anchorred suddenly, dot does not no hurry unbearably left a car, checked one time tell us to say chain dislocation. Differ his father sends a word, let us wait a moment, oneself are repaired rise. Ground of spare time of leisure of friend criterion leisurely sees a scenery chat together with us. Half hour went, the friend looked in the past, he already was covered went up the chain of dislocation. The friend turned with the hand pedal, check and accept qualification, accost we a start off.

Actually, the heart of fondling, all over the world is identical. Of manner of traditional, economy, life and culture setting different, the love that caused two ground parents to differ means. As a father, the education that I feel ideal is medium should be the open look union that oriental tie is the same as western type. Of course, the education that the key is us should make the child can learn to deal with daily life, the society feels the fun in the life.