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"Kangaroo type " Yo baby means
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France is paediatrics the expert offerred proposal of baby of a few Yo to contemporary parents, be worth to we are drawn lessons from and think.

If we more the performance that notes the child, more ground and they communicate. So their growing meeting lets us surprised ceaselessly. 30 old before, people still thinks the baby does not listen, cannot see, the feeling is less than anguish, also not begin to remember things. But the fact is not such. Children always are changing, of change big, let us quickly have a surprise everyday.

The baby was born to begin to communicate from. We notice, the baby is cared more, his skin and body are better. He is good at communicating, always accepting information, also transmitting information at the same time. From be born, he can is opposite environmental change produces reaction. He can make a reply with some kind of means or express to escape, be like gape, complexion is whiten, the body is twisted will be twisted, make a face, stare at see a person or removed look. Belch is waited a moment. He falls asleep possibly also sadly will keep away from adverse environment. The relation that coordinates between parents and child is born to began to build from the child, because this parents should communicate more with the child, include the contact on language communication, body, look communication to wait. You are close to him more, he gets used to you more. Paediatrics expert advocates France now a kind ' kangaroo type " Yo baby means, namely the way that " skin sticks skin " , apply to premature well not only, and very beneficial also to normal baby. Colombia of traceable of this kind of method. The premature over there is very much, but the limitation of economic condition makes premature impossible to stay for long in warm box, then mother people replaced a machine, the heat that uses him body will breed a baby, this is very effective. The child that breeds with this kind of means warms the child that rise grows to want in box than be in more healthy, quieter. Although flimsy premature also shows breathtaking comfortable stress sometimes, but the help that needs parents. And dimming room can keep apart parents and baby, this is very cruel. "Means of kangaroo type " can let parents feel he can do a few businesses for the child, satisfy the child's need better.

Parental care, take care of make premature averts the interference that accepts the external world, if control noise, strong light to lowermost rate. Parents should stay more in the baby as far as possible beside, make they have safe feeling. In this kind of favorable environment, the gain weight of premature, morpheus quality ameliorates, premature syndrome incidence of a disease is reduced, make the relationship of they and parents stabler, more harmonious. Accordingly, adopt the child every night the requirement that 3 two hours are pair of contemporary parents.
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