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Shallow the courteous education that talks about Korea children
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Write down so that say on a book: Courtesy is a standard of the culture administrative levels that measures an a society, nation and civilized degree discretion. Korea of a few years lives, I dare not say Korean culture administrative levels and civilized degree had achieved a very high rate, but their good courtesy is formal the impression that left profundity to me really.

The first time with Korean contact with when, no matter Your Excellency,discover them child, regular when sending one's respects to others meeting bows first, also be to want the upper part of the body to owe at least, just be greeting that brings a smile next. With person handclasp when, it is to reach the right hand certainly, at the same time left hand builds the small arm in the right hand to go up, the upper part of the body is owed. In the young lady welcoming guest of circumstance of a few public, when bowing to everybody, it is the upper part of the body after bowing stays a few seconds below certainly, just remove the pose of the upper part of the body continuously next. Send one's respects to nowhere Koreanly to be absent, go in Korea, no matter be to be in a bank, still be in hospital, department store, you can hear their kind greeting voice, experience their good courtesy. Although be simple greeting only, let us feel a kind of sense that be respected and is cared however, the mood also can become very happy.

"Korean how to meet so tell courtesy? " " Korean from when to begin nurturance this good convention? " ... these problems circle all the time in the head in me, went up till the son nursery school, I just find a few solutions.

Korea comes at the beginning of the son Shi Gang is full 2 one full year of life, did not understand to Korean courtesy and language, but after the nursery school of a few months lives, I saw the welcome change on his body however. He what see adult is apathetic previously, the greeting bows before seeing acquaintance can go up actively, encounter the person that does not know, as long as adult is reminding aside, the greeting bows before he also can go up, "The grandfather is good! " " the grandma is good! " " the teacher is good! " " little elder brother is good! " ... Lilliputian of 2 years old gives ability the family bowing also is a waist bend very lowly, the head is about to came up against the ground to go up almost, I what serve as mom often see this situation this scene is really glad to feel comical again, can't help plainting what nursery school teacher teachs action became big.

Remember sending a son to go every morning in those days nursery school, it is to want to send class doorway him all the time, every time the teacher wants to be in only, see we come, it is to be greeted immediately certainly, both hands is being grasped put in alvine ministry, bow very normally with us greeting. Just began, the son is not known and the teacher also should be sent his respects to so, but after a few days of nursery school live, he also can be accomplished see the teacher also is sent his respects to in that way like the teacher. Every time should leave when me when, the teacher still can ask the son bows to me adieu, in the teacher everyday below such education, I also am resembled had courteous and formal study. Every time, in the footpath of nursery school, no matter encounter which teacher, the it may not be a bad idea of understanding, do not know, they meet what send their respects to actively with the parent certainly: "Mom, you are early! " " mom, ask don't go yet! " ... their good courtesy always lets me have touch triflingly. I think the education of teacher classroom is very important admittedly, but the effect that the teacher teachs by personal example as well as verbal instrution to the child also cannot be ignored certainly.
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