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The cheeper computer with much colorful appearance is taught
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British nursery school began the computer education of rich and colorful. What educational method basically uses is game law, that is to say computer education begins from game.

Look from software, amusement software connects those who cross multimedia to intervene, wait like sound, image, character, animation, aroused the interest of child learning computer greatly, make they learn below relaxed, happy environment.

When cheeper writes a word, constant the letter clerical error or write instead, had the computer, can overcome such mistake. Because want letter of one clerical error only, the little pet on computer screen can tell him (she) : "Your clerical error. " can tell cheeper to write a law correctly next.

Still have a software, use help cheeper to meet figure. Some figure shows at the same time on computer screen, across asks cheeper draws same figure through operating clavier. Still having method of a kind of teaching is, a kind of beautiful geometry figure is shown on screen, let cheeper operate a mouse to confirm different figure next, count the amount that gives every kinds of appearance.

Pass the computer, cheeper can know the making stuff of different object. A ligneous small chair can show on screen, a glass, a raincoat, have the English model of written characters of wood, glasswork, plastic products additionally, cheeper rises their correspondence through the operation. Err, can have clew or the small penalty that are full of gout; Do was opposite, can have corresponding money reward.

Like amusement software, the educational software that suit each family education or learns relevant couplet with each science and education also was full of fun. The each thing on computer screen has the appeal like dream, if flower is met, bell noisy, monkey swings swing to wait, still cartoon character is a dancing partner.

Cheeper teachs game differently through playing, mastered the function of different brand machine, characteristic; Was familiar with the operation of mouse, clavier; To all sorts of instructions or the understanding that command it is certain to waited for a computer language to have.

This kind learns the method of be used to in game, will frosty, as dry as a chip insipid machine operation, turned the game that is full of a challenge into the activity, the study interest that aroused cheeper and seek knowledge desire, cheeper is very happy with it.