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American expert thinks, reader of extracurricular of Chinese most children too l
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Recently, come to the United States of Wuhan lecture on invitation children reads the Cha De in research expert. Professor Anderson says, the outside reading of Chinese most children passes at " lead " .

Report a report according to Hong Kong article, anderson of 69 years old is taught this year is the United States Yi Linuo university reads research center director, basically learn to consider from thing children, read to Chinese children reach education to had undertaken long-term survey.

He waits for the discovery after big city survey through be in Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, the teaching material draw materials that at present Chinese children teachs is reasonable, but 2-8 suits in extracurricular reader year old children reading is illuminative the book is very few however, the outside reading material that a lot of parents choose to the child is more " Tang poetry 300 " reach the article with a few phoneticize, graph, complex scenario, a lot of books already exceeded cognitive range of the child.

Professor Anderson expresses, in children illuminative education phase, besides education, develop their antonym character it is very important also to read and understand interest. The book that reader part of one's job coachs for the teacher the child learns mixes children to give child reading book technically two kinds. His an investigation data presentation, average household of average household of a China and United States offers the ability cardinal principle of reading material to comparative for the child, but of American children read a quantity to compare Chinese tower above however 6 times, the extracurricular reader that a lot of parents of this and China buy to the child cannot mention their read interest to concern, the child can be read can write do not state they can understand truly.

He thinks: By at 2-8 year old child acknowledge face and understanding digest ability not strong, children reads the content of the book to answer simplification, suit child spoken language to convey, select a few gout essay related to their life and the simple story that can talk about each other for children more, instead can great raise them read interest.