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The United States: Take infant ego seriously to serve skill education
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American takes the person's independent character and self-made spirit seriously very, accordingly, from the baby 1 year old half begin to foster its ego to serve skill. They think, ego serves the control of skill, can enhance the infant's independent character and successful sense, can make infant and parent both sides are benefited.

The infant's ego serves skill to include: Department bootlace, clad take, buckle a button, pull open or pull slide fastener, wash a face, brush one's teeth, do up one's hair, have a meal, on the toilet is waited a moment.

Worker of American children education emphasizes very much, any child care should offer many opportunity for the infant, in order to exercise the skill that their ego serves, ask the parent cooperates closely, make the infant's ego serves skill to get aggrandizement as far as possible in the home. In long-term practice, summary of worker of American children education gives a few cogent and effective experience, for example: Want to foster infant ego effectively to serve skill, must have two the basiccest requirements: The first, want to drill a staff member, make they can offer suit to the infant the mission that its develop a standard and requirement. The 2nd, cooperate closely with the parent.

What task is different age cheeper parts of in one's power? Worker of American children education is observing for a long time and put forward on the foundation of research: 18 can learn oneself to drink water with the cup to 24 months of babies between, can pick up toy; The 2 babies that come 3 years old can learn to control relieve oneself, can have a meal with fork and spoon, can wear disrobe adroitly, add up to slide fastener, the 3 cheeper that come 4 years old, in all independent character increases somewhat, afore-mentioned skill are more skilled, use adult to help scarcely, oneself can buckle button, department bootlace, have a meal, wash a face, brush one's teeth etc; The 5 cheeper that come 6 years old, can learn oneself to wash a bowl, can keep trimly oneself thing, independent character increases greatly.

Teacher of American nursery school is in the process that trains infant ego to serve skill, the method that often uses is: Offer the job, creation fulfils the requirement of the task successfully. For example, wear a shoe to train him cheeper 4 years old, take off a shoe, what the shoe that they offer to cheeper wears actually is a few more largish, make cheeper is worn very easily, take off. Be like again, let cheeper to milk falls in bottle, offerred bottle is jar and not jaws bottle.

Anyhow, in training, the condition that the teacher offers at first should make sure the infant can finish the job easily, can increase difficulty gradually later. Such meetings increase infant study ego to serve the interest of skill, make they build self-confident heart, difficulty increases to also can make the infant's volition gets taking exercise gradually.
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