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Jewish family education
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The Jew ever sufferred the most very grave disaster on the world, do not have oneself country for a long time, was the world to contribute large quantities of one outstanding talents in the respect such as economy, science and art however: Marx, Darwinian, Fuluoyide, Einstein...

Come a few years. The winner of nobel prize, the proportion that Jewish place holds is far taller than other people. The Jewish domestic education in the advantage in intellective orientaton activity and them has very big concern.

Rich culture insides information. The Jew is in long-term ethical disaster, leave one's native place, flow medicinal powder at world each district. They are preserving their culture tenaciously, also drew the culture essence that is in a country at the same time. The scientific creativity with Jewish prominent people, result from modes of life and relation to their environment of this ethical culture of open mode society. A lot of Jewish families are contacted actively with other people, abundantly derive is other culture nourishment of the nation, had more open eye shot and more rich knowledge nourishment so. The father of American atom bomb Oppenheimer, psychologist Fuluomu, it is to be in this kind compound model the scientific talented person that culture zoology leaves break ground and gives.

Clinging education is gone after. A writer of foreign writes: "Jewish family should be evaluated in knowledge respect by height, in this respect gentile family is inferior by comparison. This element, formed other the foundation of all difference. " the achievement of Einstein, also be concerned with him in childhood times by good education. The music of his mother edifies this profit from, the maths of profit from uncle is illuminative, the affection that profit from father still tries to encourage after he made of a kind platelet stool is taught. Investigation 1998 makes clear U.N. Educational, in the Israel that gives priority to with the Jew, the Israeli of 14 years old of above reads a book every months on average, 4.5 million person of countrywide, 1 million person does have books card.

Rational thinking means. He Baite of Jew of nobel prize gainer, beautiful book. Brown says: Unplug course of study mires Wei endows with N to act the role of Yao   to cut labial Ken into parts to warmth ablaze  of Guo of serve of Xin of Yi Yaohe Ke makes an appointment with dream of live abroad of Cong of  of gram of stand upright of  of hard brilliant of million of gizzard Lu  dream of Jian of delay of  of mulberry of moraine of hertz page hawk Yi Yaohe  is firm! Go straight towards negative Fu to carry catfish to iron vulture of ancient wine vessel of  of home of commission of ⒆ of dusk of  Yi サ to kitchen  of  of Jing of  of Ni of inn of reed of Kong Ying of Mu of wicking astounded of anxiety of favour of Xie of sunken cease of body of Guo of Huan Xin serve cuts Xiao of  of cook a meal into parts to actor or actress Ju risings to a height leap up of ⒆ of choke of handsome money  ! Shelter very hot  does suddenly mire the  that be not food container bites  of  ⒁ round brilliant me is 5 Mu wrung all Sou cover  alone onlying  of  of  of muddleheaded of an ancient nationality in China of grandma of Ci low  ?
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