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India: Take seriously right little undertake IT is taught
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According to Indian media coverage, in a few conditional big cities open children computer learns center or club, already made a new industry. These computer center residence teach Yu Le, let baby people in the relaxed atmosphere like game, computer of understanding, contact, learn computer knowledge.

Current, in Indian heart, add Er to answer each the company that waits for a city to already many 10 do children computer to groom only, still many 10 company is entering competition of this one domain in plan.

Facilitate the formation of market of education of this one computer has two respects factor. From the point of the government, government of a lot of state is considering India to popularize IT to numerous common people seriously. And on the other hand, the parent also hopes children are familiar with IT. Allegedly, indian parents hoped the child becomes a doctor in the future most once upon a time, when the lawyer, and now if you ask the parent is willing to let the child what do, the answer is without doubt " software engineer " .

As we have learned, these computer with existing India groom the center is 3, children of 14 years old designed different course, the project of every company is aimed at different age group. These grooming the daily course with the school supplements each other. To those 3, little baby of 8 years old people, just learning easily to play, let them learn a lot of knowledge in game.