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The game of Japanese nursery school
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A few ways that orgnaization of Japanese preschool education develops game reach the educational sense that its reflect, be worth to we learn and be drawn lessons from.

Children has enough playtime

The child life in garden begins from free game. Cheeper is into garden time in the morning 8: 00-8: 30

(or 9: 00) , cheeper comes into garden oneself 10: 00 or 10: 30 all be swing and playtime, cheeper can play indoors (when weather is good, cheeper selects outdoors play commonly) . Normally after lunch, 12: 00-13: 00 also be swing time.

Japanese nursery school teachs an activity to have form of two kinds of organizations- - collective activity and swing, cheeper freedom

Of the time of activity and collective activity than be commonly 3: 1, it is OK that cheeper has 3 hours about in garden everyday outdoors has initiative and own game.

Collective activity also is given priority to with game. A kind of of collective activity important form is " act " activity, be like " 7

Evening " " kite " wait, this kind of draw materials lives at the society or the integrated theme activity of main event in nursery school life, also be marriage children experience of life normally, use the form of game, make cheeper gets sufficient affection experiences.

Game environment material is simple and easy, guileless, natural

Japanese nursery school has better environment normally, have full-bodied shade, some nursery school are built in small

In the woods. Japanese nursery school is general and outdoors field is bigger, although some is very not capacious, but use sufficient, child can run move, dug, amuse oneself.

The game environment that nursery school place provides and material have simple and easy, guileless, natural characteristic, make the person has the feeling with smooth friendly fact, special the interest that is helpful for stimulating cheeper activity.

Nursery school is paid attention to offer the condition that makes fun of in natural middle reaches for children. Material, establishment often depends on environment setting, if be on the tree tether, dozen knot, wear the rope ladder, net that hang a rope, or the swing of form of a Chinese character that is two trees, climb for cheeper climb, swing leisurely. Some depending on big truncal build one cabin, cheeper can climb to play the game that they like, on any account differs and the relief that depend on hill sets diving platform, or it is slope of hill of designed on field pile, let cheeper undertake ascending, slippery, auger, climb wait for an activity.

The setting of sandbox, sanded ground and dabble establishment is very general. Cheeper of this kind of activity is interested most, utilization rate is extremely high, some nursery school regard big battlefield as to assemble sanded model of car, caboodle for cheeper excavation whole compound even.
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