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The money of American family is taught
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Be in the United States, parents think to let the child contact money, understanding money to learn how reasonable use money, be helpful for developing economic consciousness of the child and ability of conduct financial transactions as a child, in order to get used to the need that prospective economy lives, because this money education became one of serious content that American family teachs

Monetary education begins from the use of pin money

Teaching the child to use pin money is to let the child learn how budget, managing the important instrument that makes consumptive decision with oneself. Of pin money how many and neither one decides a value, the consumptive budget of a week of main basis child will decide. These expenditure include: The expenditure that proper recreation consumes the child, if see a movie with snack, the expense that the child needs daily, like fare, buy study articles for use, so that create possibility to put money,raise a few extra money again. As to the use of pin money, be in charge of by child full-fledged member, the parent does not intervene directly commonly. But once because the child is used undeserved and when making a mistake, the parent does not help them spend difficulty easily commonly. Because be like this only, child ability understands the serious consequence that excessive spending brings, learn to consume behavior to be in charge of to his thereby.

How does church child put money

Present child great majority is the hunter of brief pleasure, accordingly, the parent must put money to offer reasonable reason for them. The means that can send the child costly goods through decreasing will arouse the child's interest, if want to have the thing of greater value in the future,the parent should explain to the child, they must abandon the thing with a few not big value now. Want to remember however, the child to 89 years old, put money to shop in next month to put money to mean in the future, next year of and rather than. It is for long big shop to be like a bicycle or put money, had better do a deposit book to the child, help him be familiar with the program of bank deposit, make his nurturance consciousness retains the habit of money. The habit that puts money can make the child cherishs him labor income.

Demonstrative advisability is consumed

Lynda is Newyork city a psychological doctor, the son Eric that she ever was taking 6 years old rambled 3 shops, the purpose is to buy a cheap and fine radio to the child's father. As award, eric obtained the price difference between maximum price and minimum price 10 dollars. In seeking cheap and fine commodity course, price difference becomes the witness of palpable gain. To a few older child, let themselves control pin money to may teach them economical.

Offer the training of imitate adulthood expenditure

A lot of adolescent live in the economic world of an unreality, because they live in the home, let them assume without too much living expenses. At the adolescent in this kind of condition, must begin oneself to pay chummage, water and electricity fee after they are grown, buy food and dress and when paying traffic fee, they can be astonished and be at a loss what to do. Do not know the family is actual in one's childhood the child of expenditure will be forced to change the consumptive bad habit previously. It is prospective life ready-made to help the child, the adolescent that can make age a few bigger is expended for his phone and steam fare and spending of one part household pay Zhang. Once the child matured, the parent still can turn over make out a bill this, tell him the home to medium money is how beautiful, understand this in order to help the child how of administer family " finance " .
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