The parent most the deadly mistake that often makes
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It is OK that ⒈ must not think he reared the child the future of qualified dictate child.

⒉ child is not the parent demesne product, the parent is non-privileged transform to what the child undertakes violation the law.

⒊ child is not the commodity that the parent proves him identity, the parent regards the child as to the article that the person shows off without the qualification.

⒋ loves the child to just do not raise what kind of target and requirement for him, not be to use the cruelty that future competes to make he feels fear and anxiety more.

⒌ loves the child not to take he and other child to compare. Other child good, because he has the father and mother of an extraordinary,be.

When ⒍ is censuring the child, ask oneself first: What did I do?

Since ⒎ loves the child, why to give him the largest free development space, let him choose him life?

⒏ does not affect the attitude to the child with his mood stand or fall.

⒐ judges present world not always with his thinking means, want to know the world is going, the child just is the leading role that leads future.