The parent is how him finish of the child
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What should do above all is the self-respect that destroys the child, demote the child to go up to low-down position. Specific means has such a few:

1, let the child feel him whats are no good, nobody appreciate he. Learn for example be no good, appearance is no good, intercourse is no good, dry housework is no good, careless, careless, person allowing the home is his be put into trouble... anyhow, he does not have the place of travel.

2, often take the person that compares " of his " travel to stimulate him. For example this kind of word should hang in mouth edge constantly:" See family × × , never let parents worry about! "This kind of word has blow most force and destroy force, it is the ace ana that destroys the child.

3, parents models him the figure that becomes domestic victim, such meetings make the child produces Babylon move. And the person of a guilty ill feeling often uses abandonment method to spend lifetime. Specific means citing is as follows: 8 Li of  Yao ⒆ ? since had him, you also had not seen even the movie, you are held for him broke heart, tired give disease to come, best again specific because he is caused,which kinds of disease that speaks your body to go up is. Perhaps say, if not be to take care of him, oneself have great progress early on the career.

4, the tone when talking with the child anything but can kind, must not use the note that consult, must make volume achieves 70 decibel above, must use authoritative note. If return the Chinese word group that can coordinate a few satiric satirize, criterion the effect is much better. Like " you wriggle you mix "" really how did the "" that "" had not seen you are so foolish give birth to you so thing " is waited a moment.

5, everything the child's should be decided by you, must not give him a bit freedom, you should fix his track closely. If he has a diary, must try to examine; if he has letter, must examine. Make the sense that he can be being caused in his heart is not a person so, causing him is a feeling that gets the carved figure that the person operates. A person that suspects oneself are not a person is absolutely impossible to exert oneself aspirant.

6, want to learn the skill of vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame. Not satisfactory trouble is encountered on the unit, try every means wants to look for reason to spill dog blood to the child after coming back. Whatever thing is attributed to the child's fault to teach him a lesson next, check he sheds tear. Do the proper pride that attacks the child effectively so, enhance self-abased sense of the child, can causing him likewise is not the person's feeling.

7, what give the child in public is ugly. Before 6 are the " sheet experienced " in the family. Want complete finish truly he, the 7th ability is killer mace. You must before alien (or classmate or relatives and friends or neighbour) caustic he, demote he, let his feel too ashamed to show one's face. Tell from psychological angle, do the psychology that can make one individual generation is fear of a society so, generate the idea of have a sense of inferiority. And a person that is fear of society and have a sense of inferiority is very difficult base oneself upon at the society.
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