The 10 big errors that contemporary children teachs
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Zhu Jingwei is in " for the child " civil introduction is written on the magazine American psychologist Zhu Li this. The view that root of a place of strategic importance teachs to contemporary children. Zhu Li this. Root of a place of strategic importance thinks contemporary children education is put in a lot of errors, baconian rise have 10 sides. Of course, this also is character only.

Error one: The child with infant period strong capability is grown clever

A lot of parents think, the infant is inchoate climb, climb, sit, retreat etc all sorts of " activity " amount and the each respect ability after quality follows them to be brought up for certain are concerned.

After the child with infant period strong capability is grown certain and clever.

The comparative research of business index indicates American psychologist and the intelligence quotient of different to a flock of children period that children teachs an expert to be finished in recent years and feeling as a result, the ability of each respect after the inchoate expression of children and they are grown, if analyse ability, conclude the dependency very little between ability, oral expression ability.

Error 2: The stimulation that children gets in infantile period has been jumped over more more

Without doubt, the stimulation of comes from the outer world various sense organ that present infant accepts everyday is gotten more than before much. Below this kind of circumstance, a lot of parents still happen to coincide the ground thinks, the exterior stimulation that the infant gets should be more better.

What practical effect and they imagine is contrary. The exterior stimulation that great majority infant accepts everyday now is not too little, however too much. In a lot of families, the sense organ that little baby accepts everyday stimulates the physiology limit that had exceeded them actually, the intellectual growth that the result makes little baby normal instead got restrain.

Error 3: When the child cries, mom leaves to bring about child mood unbalance

If be such really, person of great majority of so current world may be mood unbalance person. From the point of the angle of physiology and psychology, of children now and then cry be troubled by is a kind of normal mood drain is mixed adjust behavior, young father mother can need not be the child every time cry be troubled by and panic-stricken, should not be in because of the child more unjustifiable cry when to be troubled by, oneself leave absolutely and cannot bear at the heart or compunctious extremely.

Error 4: What make a response quickly to all sorts of requirements of the child can bring about pair of children is indulgent

A few young father mother always are opposite very quickly all sorts of spoffish bearing of little baby and cry for behavior makes response, mother of another some of father is completely contrary, all sorts of requirements that they had thought fast, premature ground responds to the child can bring about the abandon to the child, affect normal evolution of the child thereby.
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