10 big family teach an error
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[summary] be elaborated to showing the 10 big errors that exist in education of family of level our country to undertake and analyse, pointed out the cause of formation of the error and the negative effect that grow to the child. 
[keyword] prime cause of domestic education error is immediate reason 
Of the child grow cannot leave domestic education. Domestic education is to form the child's stronger life to provide for oneself the important way of the ability, ability that solves a problem independently, good thought moral character, healthy psychology character and exalted and perfect character, however, our country of make a comprehensive view shows the domestic education of level, existing generally the following big errors: 
One, doting model 
The parent of this kind of type thinks to love the child to give the child, obedient child namely, docile and obedient to the child, grant whatever is requested, ignored parents to regard pedagogue as the due to the child responsibility that teachs social standard. The parent of this kind of type does not know love essentially. They do not know to love the child is not just dedicate and give, more important is the method that should teach child learning and existent ability, send the child a pair can prep against harships is volant hovered wing. Once the child of coddle since childhood enters a society it is via having a society real impact is mixed of the blow of difficult setback, their psychology bears ability and the ability that face difficult challenge ego will be challenged badly. 
2, crude model 
The parent of this kind of type thinks the child is parents, think how the canal is in charge of, beat and scold even if teach the child, in the thought in them " the talented person gives under bludgeon " become the truth. Actually, bludgeon weakened parents not only the mana in child heart, also do not have positive effect to the child's education, make child generation is gone against instead turn over psychology, collide then parents, deviate from family. 
3, hope children will have a bright future model 
The parent of this kind of type hopes children will have a bright future to often expect to spend to the child tall, had asked to father. Educationist contented knows a gentleman to say well all right, educational child not is an upright person on person, not be an upright person alien, want to do philtrum person. Do philtrum person, be about to learn the value of life in ordinary life, become a right person. If too much and too much child wants to become scientist, president, general manager, doctor only... so, can infer, their good dream will be formed before reality how a kind of fall. 
4, dictatorship 
The parent of this kind of type often forces the apiration of oneself at the child, with the child lack is communicated. The child that such education come out perhaps tries to cast off parents to manacle; Perhaps arise depend on psychology, lack independent judgement and the capacity that work independently, it is very easy in complex social environment for lack of discern basically ability, get the influence of undesirable element. 
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