Of education painful: The family teachs improper
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Yunnan horse adds murder of the rank of nobility, henan letter this world is tall the happening that beautiful of 3 schoolgirls horse destroys look record, ring alarm bell noisy to our country's current school education. While when the school education makes target of public criticism, people however often oversight the family is mixed in the action that children cannot underestimate in growing process influence, the function that appeals for this author the family is taught should promote a due height.
The family teachs the bounden duty that is parents. However we have some of parents to inspect children to be in real life demesne belongings, charming is bestowed favor on have add, "Hold in both hands be afraid of in the hand dropped, contain in the mouth to be afraid of changed " , inspect children to promote to a high office for the family even a flight of stairs of social grade, engraft intelligent first thought, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. Especially current society competition is intense, afore-mentioned thoughts and thinking are a go even farther than more, the consequence that its bring directly is: Oversight education of sound character education of the child, on the side of the angels. "Child do not teach, of father over- " , rely on school society completely, eventually course of study of National People's Congress of bad accomplishment Yo.
Current China, competition is intense, go out to work and be in business staff increase, "Empty shell family " appear in great quantities subsequently, "The education that separate era " be in our country especially a rural area is already special and general. Do not need of dare not or would not speak up is, quite the family separating era of one part is right grandson the influence of generation is to be more than education fondly. The appeasement of ancestors is indulgent, monopolize replace, make endless concessions, the negative effect that causes to the child is: Everything is a center with ego, selfish, capricious, peacockish, envious, do as one wants, overbearing and rampant, discipline sex is poor; Cowardly, dissocial, not good at socialization, disagreement group, cooperative drive is poor; Spark of lazy, fragile, dillydally, lack, did not provide for oneself ability; Feebleminded, lack self-respect, free-standing, self-improvement, self-confident spirit; Be afraid that suffering is afraid of tired, via removing a setback; Heart of enterprise, responsibility is poor etc; Listen not to get criticism, high component is feebleminded, lack independent spirit, although be on constitution, also because nutrition is superfluous, suffer from " modern culture is ill " -- fat disease.
The education that separate era appears so abominable consequence, depend on ancestors people high to high level of the person to modern society demand lacks understanding, go by oneself stale ideology and antiquated experience Jiaohua today's child, in breeding process, often affection is more than reason, him for fear that grandson generation had to have a deficit. In addition, "Look at Sun Chenglong " , the thought of bring honour to one's ancestors is confirmed still in memory of partial old people.
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