The parent is unfavorable: Acrid and acerbity
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Acuity of the diction when some parents teach the child is acerbity, often be satiric child, hurt the child's pride, make the child loses the confidence that progress grows and nerve, extremely the development that goes against the child. Be like: Result of Guan Pengpeng study is not quite good, in belonging to, wait unripe. And when his father sees his exam examination paper every time, always say: "You studied this result again, order of constitutional beg for food, do not have the thing of prospect. " once, his home came guest, when mentioning respective child, his father says again: "Friend friend be not a patch on your child, achievement is differred confoundedly, only next all one's life ameliorate. " these sayings are very old to Guan Pengpeng's stimulation, he does not want to learn more and more, achievement also worse and worse