Teach early must not law: The child grows " heavy disaster area "
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Xiao Li son of 5 years old since after signing up for mathematical class, although compare,operation is gotten before a few faster, but discover he is wrong more than before also, and still have a few undesirable study habits, want to change to change to come nevertheless. The ability after advisory expert knows, this is lead education became random the child's heart.
In last few years, a lot of young parents value inchoate education of the child more and more, regard inchoate education as a when improve child quality serious content, threw a lot of energy and financial capacity for this. Some parents begin from the nursery school on the child, chose to learn wonderful foresight for the child, the child just taught to learn to write when 2 years old completely then, 3 years old should learn count, 4 years old learn English, this one phenomenon already comparatived in urban family general. These do not get the educational means of the law to be the child the following growing meeting is planted a variety of evil consequence.
Getting the disastrous effect with the educational the mainest way of the law is to cause thinking disorder. Rack one's brains is parents the class with child various choices, of one mind thinks the child that lets his learns a bit knowledge more. This kind of drab study often is just the opposite to what one wished, class of a few study is not together with normal class, appeared a few things with normal education off the beat, the thinking that caused the child is disorder. Sitting position of child of such as some is incorrect, some children write to resemble painting a picture same, crowded in a grid move writes several words, some children that learned wonderful foresight make arithmetic, more wrong 100, it is normal that the thinking that this is a mistake and habit caused the child the reason with disorder thinking.
The pressure of too big psychology that lead teachs still can give the child to cause a kind to go against turn over psychology, bring about child be disgusted with to learn. Education has the law, the child that teachs outline regulation is inchoate educational target is " cheeper is in all sorts of game childhood of spend joyfully happiness " . Still do not have to word of Chinese character, poem when the child they let learn forcibly when be interested, when once went up to the child,elementary school begins to contact these knowledge truly, can begin to be tired of, in advance study contused badly the child is right the interest of study.
Child nature plays with respect to love, the key of childhood is the natural instinct that develops the child. The expert thinks, cheeper is important is not to learn a few Chinese characters, the mainest is the study interest that develops them and good convention, learn geometrical graph for instance, can inspire them, has eaten watermelon is what appearance, tropical fish is what appearance, let the child have a perceptual knowledge to geometrical graph. When child nerve is the most excited, just be the optimal time of child learning. The study habit that makes child nurturance good, life provides for oneself ability, have good quality and good psychology to bear force, it is to teach the job that should finish early. And a few a few a few words with finite study, problems, words, not only cannot let the child acquire more knowledge, affect study interest of the child probably still, can the loss outweights the gain so
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