Correct the action that the child gets on in dining table correctly
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No matter Your Excellency child, a day of 3 eat, it is the homework that does surely everyday. Special to the child, the behavior that Yours Excellency to go up in dining table, in the brand that his mind keeps, the homework that compares the school possibly is even deep. As have a meal the teacher assuming a tax of the class, parents, how are you superior this " have a meal class " ?
Compare and character, have a meal this class, even more important than Chinese maths, because the school does not cross an arithmetic everyday, a Chinese, the history or political course still are not every sky. But having a meal is a day of 3 class hour however, one also cannot little. Nevertheless a recent investigation shows, city parents are going up this class hour, encountered however not quite not little education difficult problem, among them before the child does not agree to have a meal to be resided high, the family that has above of half the number even exists " it is difficult that the child has a meal " problem.
Really, hungry have a meal this thing does not pass again naturally, but a lot of look at quite lovely child at ordinary times, arrive when having a meal, what defect came: Carry feed, green vegetables does not eat, fat does not eat, entirely of green ginger garlic does not eat, this has strange flavour not to eat, that hard do not eat; Good ate two not easily, face about goes, can Your Excellency to just cleared away dining table, the child opens freezer to search again those who eat...
The parent always complains the child does not know a thing, actually, these defect of the child, it is the parent completely " foster attentively " those who come out. The error on these dining table, also have on the dining table of your home.
Dining table error one: Chasing after the child to have a meal
Always want to make the child much eat some, this is Chinese parent's most general idea, "Have ability more grown height " , "Mom does so delicious meal you just eat so a bit, be no good, eat two again " go up in these dining table most in the dub voice that often hears, of the child have a meal this thing went gradually flavour, small when chasing after hello, was brought up to must force again eat, be being done so that dining table resembles is battlefield, a meal comes down, parent tired heart arduous.
Parents can be loosened completely a few, let the child have the freedom that have a meal. The observation that the child that American psychologist once differred to 15 appetite had by a definite date 6 days, discover the child is behaved how poorly no matter when have a meal, the result still maintained the physiology that measures into appetite and need to balance. But some parents say, child home, do not know nutrient collocation, if let him himself eat without giving thought to, that where will it all end? Actually, the person has the balancing machine of oneself to make, positive-appearing image " Party A Party B " in eat dirt that of langouste advocate, is he he wanted to eat cornmeal congee.
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