Scores double hundred play chess will Taekwondo 7 year old boy in Shenyang tut
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"Three students holiday job, like counseling pre-school, year, second-grade children learn!" Although this is only one post, but even behind many Baoma. Thread, the "baby you are the best!" Message to appear at most times. Third-grade students as a tutor, small point called the history of the minimum tutor. He really attracted students? Is hype or hoax? 21, this reporter linked to the mother and son Bao Ma and Xiao-Jun-ho. Hot posts! Three students leave Job "Three students holiday job. I third grade this year, the first four semesters are two hundred each test, results can absolutely guarantee, I would like guidance in the pre-holiday, a year, second-grade children learn, especially the Mathematical Olympiad, to ensure that you understand and learn, it will come, the board, you can play with the kindergarten children, half a day can be ... ... "20 am, the network called" good mother "of the users post. A few minutes later, the thread surge in students as a tutor much even behind all the mothers. "Baby you are the best!" "Behind, the top one!" "Awesome baby! Like this one!" "To be proud of!" And so on, many mothers message message to the child, and praised his sensible, independent, expressed some support in the end, even It was also a message asking how to charge. Survey! Job was 7 years and a half doll "Is true or parents intentionally? Students really attracted students? Post back what the truth is?" With these questions, several times looking for, this reporter finally found the 21-day Posted good afternoon mother. It turned out the baby name Wang Junhao (sound), boy, born in 2003, 7 years old this year and a half, now Shenyang Peng Yu 3 years and 4 primary school classes. The whole matter is this: to leave immediately, so what good mother would like to hear what his son thought. On Sunday night, mother and son you made me a language, play while you chat. "Boy, you want to gnaw off this holiday season?" Nice thought, raised his head and very seriously asked: "Mom, I do not want to go to makeup classes, and you gnaw off a child?" "I'm not like you, mom child, each Grandpa went to the holiday home, with my brothers and sisters, to give them when the school teacher, and the small board too! "" What? as a teacher! "... ... In this way, good mother to their school holidays to tell his sons. Unexpectedly, a small girl, then proposed the idea to become a tutor, "Mom, I want to be little teacher!"