HP AIO stationed fun teaching school education within reach
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Long-term goal, education-oriented, how to do a good job of basic education is the key to the development of education sector. With the international education industry and accelerating the pace of information technology, education, industry undergoing rapid changes. IT applications in schools more and more frequently when the application for equipment, interest, number and maintenance management also raised additional challenges. March 2010, the world's largest PC makers Hewlett-Packard for service industries, education, special needs of the industry launched the HP Touchsmart 9100-in-one computer. Recently, this one computer historians Primary School in Beijing to try it, HP Touchsmart 9100 to help achieve Beijing historian Primary School Teaching Innovation? School's evaluation of how this product? Historian Primary School of Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "historians Primary School") is a famous Beijing city elementary schools founded in 2003 by the merger of three Bainianlaoxiao. Historians Primary School to "peer learning and life" as the school motto, adhere to the innovative, comprehensive, high-quality teaching. Because of its outstanding achievement in basic education, the school has been awarded the "scientific art school in Beijing", "Basic Education Curriculum Reform Experiment in Beijing advanced unit", "experimental art school curriculum reform in Beijing" and so on. Currently, the historian Primary School students about every 5 people have a computer, the teachers use a computer each. Aspects of information technology in teaching, in recent years, historians Primary School has made considerable progress, the school library has achieved electronic retrieval and electronic access, the core curriculum to achieve a 100% multimedia teach. The school also has two computer rooms, teachers responsible for teaching by a specialized computer knowledge, so that all students master the basic knowledge of computer operations. Application of information technology penetration in all aspects of teaching at the same time, many of the issues also will be prominent. Traditional desktop by cable is generally connected with the external equipment, layout messy difficult to manage; lower grades lively, variety of connector will hide some potential risks, external devices are therefore more likely to be damaged. High degree of popularity and because the computer, the students have no traditional desktop high enthusiasm. School teachers responsible for teaching Qu Ping, said: "In the teaching process, many students seem not interested, listless and even desertion, which led to low efficiency of our teaching, the relevant leaders have given it a high priority." According to teachers, due to basically the students are equipped with computers at home, even more than high school equipped with computers, fun, combined with traditional desktop interaction with the children too little to cause the teachers teaching in the above demonstration, Students do not actively cooperate with the seat situation. How to make teaching fun and improve student interest in learning the information center of the school teachers often discussed. School Dianjiao Zu Liang Yingbin want to have a teacher, "so that teachers and students shines products" to improve their current plight. As the world's largest PC manufacturer, HP in-depth understanding of the domestic IT industry, demand for basic education, early this year, the new HP Touchsmart 9100 launch of one machine, innovation and "simplify IT" concept, the use of one touch design, a high degree of integration of external devices , highly targeted to help schools cope with the teaching of management and maintenance challenges and fun. Historians Primary School into the reading room, and India into the two eyes is the HP Touchsmart 9100, several students talking about his face expectantly around the computer. Since cable is not complicated, it is particularly clean and tidy desk, the mouse and keyboard seem necessary in the cold, the students raised his hands directly on the display doodles. According to Information Products Group, China HP business desktop product manager, described in the Wei Qi, Touchsmart 9100 is the latest one design, the main chassis and display into one, reduced equipment footprint; multi-touch design allows to operate a computer more fun. Dianjiao Zu Liang teacher feedback, "the traditional desktop can not satisfy the curiosity of children, students love to use less. HP Touchsmart 9100's touch design children have never seen, and I'm new, are scrambling to come experience, sometimes in front of the two machines has also lined up a team. This machine showed good results, and looks very nice, the speed quickly, and some computer games touch operation, is the lesson the children under relaxed favorite. This two computers truly shines for us and students. " In the device management, Liang added appreciation for these two machines. Deployment to maintenance from the device is extremely simple. "Our integrated design greatly reduces the workload, just power and network cable connected to the HP Touchsmart9100 can normally use." Windows7 comes with HP Touchsmart 9100 Professional Edition operating system, configuration can satisfy the mainstream students for the computer performance requirements. It is worth mentioning is that HP's IT needs for the education sector, Hewlett-Packard field of education software companies join forces to develop a self-learning software - Chile Xuebao, used child care, elementary, middle and high school education. Students to finger-on-demand Flash program, but also any feedback on learning outcomes, and lively animation, educational and entertaining. In the actual trial, the children favored the software also endless. Poetry in front of the computer-on-demand, learning English has become the life of the children after school most popular forms of entertainment.