Detailed head of the Ministry of Education "ten countries" the park will not be
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Today's press briefing on the Ministry of Education, responsible persons of concern detailed analysis of the "State Council on the current views of the development of a number of pre-school education." He said the current preschool education for the outstanding contradictions and problems, will focus on the current government term, the main policy measures need to be taken, the core is to uphold public welfare and the Pratt & Whitney, ensuring the school age children receive a basic, quality pre-school education. Everyone has the park, and will no longer be a problem. "We highlight the issues reflected in five areas, namely pre-school resource shortages; second unbalanced regional development, urban-rural divide large; third is the insufficient number of kindergarten teachers; Fourth, non-standard fees; Fifth, institutional mechanisms are inadequate." The official concluded, after many of preparation, "views" with the four-part response to these challenges, the first part is the important position of pre-school education and development principles, emphasizing the nature of public welfare and Pratt & Whitney; second part is the pre-school education resource projects, including construction of parks, teachers, and investment; the third part is to regulate the pre-school management, including access, security, fees and insurance education, etc.; fourth part is to strengthen organizational leadership, improve the working mechanism.