Children activities sports health and family education to arrive "Changsha stat
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Series of activities by the National Organizing Committee of mind, Best Western Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. jointly launched the "good heart health of children --- children's sports activities, family education, November 19 arrived in the country's second stop - Changsha, for the" Children healthy growth, "Zheliang Express" refueling. " Event, the organizing committee for children, parents and early childhood education and publicity pictures were released and the disc, and the spot presented learning materials and sports and health packs, universal child health knowledge and promotion of "eat the dynamic balance between the two, sports parents and children, to increase growth Come on "philosophy of education. Subsequently, the health teacher brought a famous Zhi interesting children's health seminars, teaching science and calcium "three dollars": the plan for life is infancy, Yinianzhiji is spring and your day in milk , beans, to the presence of the parents a lot of inspiration. In addition, parents can visit friends, children, sports and health education and promotion network ( to learn the knowledge, the message on the site to ask questions, download the organizing committee of experts in the preparation of the classroom and e-books, participate in parent-child interactive network games, drawing the feelings of the past with the children, promote children's healthy growth. Reporter learned from the scene, about 10 million children in Changsha, the family will benefit from the project, the event will be several other pilot cities in the country gradually.