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"Family education is not how parents educate their children, but family members to learn together." "Do the real you." "I hope kids do, parents start with ourselves." Held in Beijing, the third family to teach Education Forum, and the three areas of education, family education experts on the status of our country, problems, strategies to explore cutting edge ideas, cutting-edge. One week of hot Reported to have targeted tutorial classes Ah-tao: A few days ago to go to Beijing to meet with Mao Jie Zhengzhou Foreign Language School, Zhengzhou one of the principal Zhu Dan counterparts. Most parents ask questions to the group where the "children should not to cram" problem, Ah-tao advice to the two . Happy: how to say two experts? Small color Hui: Now a lot of teachers expand their knowledge is not enough, but the test of knowledge is still very wide. Ah-tao: the two experts suggested that the child's own learning-based, the key is to let the children groped a suitable method of learning. Happy: reading knowledge is a happy thing! Lily: You can now learn has become the child's burden. Happy: parents, teachers force children to do, deprives the children's own choice, put the happy things so painful! Ah-tao: Mao Jie, president of the parents do not advocate blind to the children reported a variety of tutorial. Because of the short board for each child is different, that dozens of people on the great tutorial, targeted not strong. Maoxiao Chang suggested that a child A subject with learning difficulties, parents can help to find a scientific evaluation of its measurement organization, and then targeted to study or tutorial, the effect will be better. Happy: many parents had "worried sick." Sick parents, children in the medication (tutorial). Ah-tao: the parents of the children to burn some Chicken Soup, selfless love of a child on the line. Winter rain Seamless: Parents should give more consideration to the child's personality, according to the child's individual education children. Eye brow: the so-called "a tree to monkeys, to a mountain tiger." The second week of hot Tutoring cutting-edge ideas Collisions Ah-tao: I went to Beijing to attend the New Oriental Education Forum of the third family, home education forum on the forefront of many of their ideas is very, very new. Happy: that to hear it! Ah-tao: such as New Oriental "Pilot," Mr Yu's point of view of family education: "The first is the child free development of personality, his willingness to find a happy life, of course, he is in full compliance with the norms of social morality and The premise. Second, their learning, I just asked them to study, but did not require them to have to learn more excellent. I want to keep the child's general interest in learning, because the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom are non- Always a happy thing, but many parents this has brought about a very painful thing. Third, some good moral character, I hope that the child has, such as kindness, generosity, these children is very important. General terms It, I want my children to have love. It is more important than results. " Small color Hui: Yes, ah, now there are many children are not polite, and parents do not pay attention to the child's upbringing. Iris: This is a loss! Ah-tao: There is also a more interesting point of view: Family education is in fact not how to educate adults and children, but family members how to learn together. Happy: parents to accompany children, and children grow together! Small color Hui: Now a lot of mom and dad just keep busy, give the child money or report to the remedial classes to go on. Ah-tao: they lack the motivation; how to deal with children puppy love; homework drag; how universal knowledge; rebellious children, love temper; foster grandparents, family and parents alienation; children lack social skills; Single-parent families, how to educate their children; children learn side branches; child assault, the parents can not control, too busy; Addiction; love competition, spend money; how to get along with the head teacher; not to correct shortcomings, not with an open mind Accepted, but determined not to change; school talent, like it do not work hard; busy to attend to the child; child timid, self-esteem; children hate tutor, do not like makeup; how to deal with small children rise early; lack of self-care Ability to ... ... today's children, the problem may be more true. Happy: These are many parents may experience confusion and problems. Liya: parents can correctly guide, it is really important. Lily: character and quality of training is also very important. Ah-tao: the forum a lot about the parents, family education deserves careful consideration: for example, Tsinghua University Press Fellow, New Oriental Education and Senior Advisor Family Jing teacher pointed out: "Every family member should Being true to yourself. "Hong Kong, Yau Yat-heem Logos Academy Principal:" If you want better children, parents should start with ourselves. "Taiwan Normal University Professor Huang Qiuyu made:" As long as the child forward in the right direction Go fast, go slower not particularly important. "China Family Education Committee Education Association executive director Mr. Wang Dalong proposed:" a good father than a good mother. " Happy: Ah-tao to the kids grow up a list of possible problems, and want to say in the future, the topic will be discussed one by one, to share, so that parents Weapon trick, we learn together, together. Ah-tao: each member of the family, if not the dignity of everyone, then the tutor to speak of. Criticism of the child must comply with the respect for the child that the bottom line. Fudan University, Professor Qian Wenzhong is stunned, on the Capacity so blindly, blindly appreciate the challenge of family education model, he said: "So, if you can educate good boy, I do not believe killing." He stood for family education, including school education, appropriate disciplinary measures must be Yes. For the present situation of "Neets", as well as experts: "In 30 years of your life, if your child is not living by looking at your wallet, your family education can be said to be successful." Still waters run deep: PTA is an inclusive, is to wait. Parents to the child is full of belief. Such parents, the child's success is sooner or later thing.