Morality whether commercialize? Bank of Zhengzhou adolescent morality is transit
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Recently, when the Zhang Mingli that lives in Yi river road is moving, the deposit that discovered a piece of blue inadvertently gets stuck, fall on card full dirt. What with common deposit card differs is, this is the deposit check that bank of a piece of morality opens. Open this piece of check, there are 3 records only above: On April 7, 2002, deposit serve time 2 hours; On April 23, 2002, deposit serve time a hour; On May 1, 2002, deposit serve time 2 hours.
The reporter understands in interview, bank of Zhengzhou city teenage morality holds water in Zhengzhou at the beginning of, a lot of volunteers and Zhang Mingli are same, those who become teenage morality bank first " depositor " . Moral bank also is taken an active part in in theirs below, fire two months, but the line of sight that after this faded out of people slowly however. Be " manage " not good at or is other reason...
2001, community of lake of full moon of area of Yue Lu of Hunan the Changsha City rolled out bank of the first morality of countrywide. This special " bank " a carrier that regards community volunteer association as subordinate, use a bank to run a concept, with standard of association system form and safeguard volunteer server can achieve a society volunteer service redound. Subsequently, if moral bank is in individual plant continent, Chengdu, Beijing, Zhejiang like emerge and other places appears. On April 7, 2002, the teenage morality bank of association of volunteer of youth of city of state of subject Yu Zheng is grand practice. For a short while, moral bank caused the attention of a lot of people in the occurrence of Zhengzhou, sign up only a few days ago, come round " open an account " already had 2000 much people.
In " bank of Zhengzhou city teenage morality runs way " in, still set the management project of moral bank: The activity of homemaking service, family education service, medical treatment service, technology service, commonweal, anybody that takes care of old person, patient and need help, take care of the child or unemployed man, side often helps incomplete, plant green protect green, science and technology, wholesome, culture 3 go to the countryside.
Of bank of Zhengzhou city teenage morality hold water, aroused extensive controversy socially for a short while, of support have, object also have. Slowly, teenage morality bank is just as transitory, "Became the corner that is forgotten gradually " . The reporter discovered when bank of Zhengzhou city teenage morality is interviewed recently, here cold and cheerless, come here without the volunteer almost " deposit " service, also come here without the person " draw money " service, the moral bank nowadays seemed to remain the sign that then Zhang Ke is registering a name only.
"Manage gloomy, be close to die out is right current situation of bank of Zhengzhou city teenage morality is the at present most accurate wraparound. " when Wuxin of volunteer of the reputation president of bank of Zhengzhou city teenage morality, outstanding youth is born in the current situation of refer morality bank, one is plant " recall a painful experience " experience deeply, "Moral bank did not take basic level and community, it is this individual plant ' morality carries out seedling ' fail the main reason of thrive. Difficult person is in basic level, the person that needs a help is in community, moral bank wants development to must plunge into basis layer masses. Moreover, because of safeguard system diseased, many volunteer hearts put apprehension: Oneself provide many volunteer service for others now, who can when I need a service in the future, assure the service that I get in time others is offerred? Be this kind of apprehension lets a lot of ' depositor ' did not have enthusiasm and passion bit by bit to moral bank. Be this kind of apprehension lets a lot of ' depositor ' did not have enthusiasm and passion bit by bit to moral bank..
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