Sheet kisses mom laugh to let the child learn adamancy as a child to the life
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A sheet kisses mom, will 8 years become Mom again when dad already, daughter education all of painting and calligraphy of the chess that get musical instrument has a good command of... yesterday, yu Suzhen of teacher of school of center of Wuhan city plum, the Yo that mentions oneself story.
Daughter Xiong Kaiwei of Yu Suzhen this year 11 years old, it is elementary school of grade of fierce prosperous Zhongshan 5 (1) the student of the class. The girl is all-round, play skill is well Gu Zheng, had made broadcasting station small chair, ceng Huo gets international first prize of work of painting and calligraphy of award of composition contest special grade, whole nation, complete province is little talent match gold prize, hold the position of group of monitor, school all the time appoint, be elected as area of the prosperous that it is fierce 3 good students... it is the person that be the same as the outstanding in age person.
Small Kai osmund two years old of half, father dies because of cancer of the liver. Yu Suzhen considers repeatedly, before taking the daughter marital grave, tell child father the truth that die: "Father also is answered again did not come, but you still have mother, mom loves you forever... "
"I so do, it is to make the child clear: Lose already had no longer, but embrace some to must be cherished... " Yu Suzhen says, the harships that experience wants on growing road is too much, only close child must be used to adamancy as a child more, learn to be faced bravely.
Want busy job already, want arrange housework again, yu Suzhen fumbles the method that gives child of a training to learn independently: The sound that plays oneself is recorded with the recorder when reading, can listen to recording " newspaper dictate " ; Make a list of names posted up of honor of a piece of family, act as " red white face " , the study of supervisory daughter is behaved, give in time encourage or criticize; Listen to daughter taletelling everyday, borrow this to exercise its to read, expressive ability...
"Look in me, develop the individual character of child health sunshine, than what important. " Yu Suzhen says, she often takes a daughter to visit elder member of family of relatives and friends, teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution foster its courtesy to need a person. Encourage a daughter to extend aid to the beggar of old deformity, let its find pleasure to help others in the experience in thanking sound, develop the character that humanitarian is thankful.