The psychology after the parent not ignores examinee to try adjusts
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Annual the university entrance exam ended, the psychological pressure of a lot of examinee not only did not disappear, real estate of different however level gave birth to paroxysmal psychology conflict and physiology disorder phenomenon. For this, the expert warns broad parent -- the psychology after not ignoring tall examinee to take an examination of adjusts.

The feeling after some classmates are taken an examination of is taken an examination of not ideally, groan, depressed, the mood is to drop to trough more. Another some of classmate appears very excited, hire the disc that will form a pile from outside, do not have sunset night ground to look.

To this, zhang Yan of expert of psychology of mental hygiene institute makes the same score a professor to analyse, these two kinds of classmates belong to the concentration of crisis of the psychology after taking an examination of to release. If guide not actively, examinee can appear depressed more serious even psychology problem. And such psychological problem is very possible bring about the business that cannot expect to happen. For this, he warns extensive candidate for an entrance examination and parent, must undertake the psychology after taking an examination of adjusts appropriately, cast off the worry of negative sentiment, with a kind active state of mind faces future to live.

In the light of take an examination of unfavorable child, zhang Yan makes the same score a professor to suggest, the parent must not rebuke blindly grouse, and should undertake comfort and be encouragemented appropriately to the child, help its reduce pressure, find those who suit the child, logical drain way. When after child mood is stable, talk about the plan henceforth again, avoid by all means is curt treat.

A kind of examinee after be opposite, zhang Yan makes the same score a professor to suggest, the parent wants to be communicated with the child more, see them have what idea, perhaps give the child a few proposals, go for an outing with the classmate for instance etc, contact with nature more, can enrich the life, exchange part mood has profit greatly. Also can mix the eldest brother eldest sister that had attended a college chats, they are met certainly with " a n experienced person " the identity, offer a few pretty good proposals, begin to be coming undergraduate to prepare alive from now on.