Match Qi Xiang to use the " spirit software of lifetime for children "
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100 people have the method that 100 kinds of families teach, our ancestor is brought up by education below a condition of a respective independence.
We discover a lot of individual methods and experience cannot general and applicable, we must find a family to teach the thing that contains regularity, ability is masses place to abide by.
If the parent establishs absolute liability in child heart, the child believes the parent is loving him termlessly, believe the parent is all criticism, praise setting out is for oneself good, if the child is in subconscious in achieve to this believe completely, so this kind of relation is benign, the stability that is mutual care, mutual support, mutual understanding concerns. Below this kind of circumstance, all the simplest things that teach the child, with Russia big educationist Suhuomulinsiji's word says even if " accompany the child to grow " . But, real life is major the person's parentage is not stable, perhaps say be twist, the child can not trust truly the parent.

What job should the parent finish on child body after all?

Too much parent focuses attention on the child's study, actually that basically is the thing of the school. A lot of parents teach the thing that should do to the school, blind busy ceaseless, for instance side child does work, check the child's work, supervisory child waits. And work fruitlessly of in the end, get half the result with twice the effort. I think we are very much the parent is not attend to one's proper works or duties person, we were to plant the ground of others home, barren the cropland of own home. The thing that should not do oneself has been done. As the parent, become reconciled of interest of spirit of the proper pride that the job that we should finish is education child, self-confident heart, responsibility heart, active enterprising, study is used to. This is the software of spirit of 6 big core that the child grows, if these were not handled good, the child is destined to want to give an issue.
   The first should set the software into child life is " proper pride "
Begin him esteem when the child, regard oneself as and equal person comes valued moment like others, main body character of the child is built. Proper pride is the back of mental spirit of the child. If the child did not build a proper pride, he won't care about people standard to see him, he does not understand how to see the eyes of others, he won't study the behavior of the crowd is regular attentively, he also is respected with respect to what won't seek others and approbate, also did not have the desire to do better from this. Come to be no point teach the child through criticism at this moment. Because he does not care about your view, your criticism is not effective to him. The child that does not have proper pride won't participate in group activity actively, do not respect others, do not respect oneself, without outstanding in the group desire. Should say, proper pride is the fire of the child's life, it is the origin that the child grows. Proper pride was not built, the fire with respect to the life that is equal to the child was not ignited, accordingly, he won't have the power that grow.
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