Chinese why " quality is low "
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The intelligence that I do not identify humanness all along, morality, human nature waits quality and ethnic group a moment, " national sex " have any concerns. Accordingly, alleged to Liang Qichao " the novel transforms popular feeling, popular feeling transforms politics " , of Hu Kuo " new culture moves " , of Lu Xun " national sex is transformed " can stay at a respectful distance from sb. A few righter " social elite " alleged " Chinese quality is low, incommensurate, unwell add up to democracy and law " detest of argument of and so on, think the argument as good as of latter and advocate the colour bar.
There is heating up a card again on the net recently, the title cries " Chinese low quality is national condition " , the author is emeritus already former Xinhua News Agency senior correspondent Xu Boyuan. The author lends the State Council national endowment appoint the word of Wang Zhongming of research center director says: "We are in a lot of respects more and more proportion of population of low quality of be enslaved to be enslaved to is too large a such national condition, 8000 much illiteracy, still blind of blind of semiliterate, computer, science and technology and functional sex illiteracy are waited a moment, a few numerous! Proportion of low quality population is too large, greatly fry batter in a thin layer became thin our economic yield, and the economic cost that increases us ceaselessly. And the economic cost that increases us ceaselessly..
I am to hold with make a gentleman of such viewpoint: "Population quality still should include moral level. Is our country citizen the biggest in moral domain, most of core, what is the most terrible problem? Have only actually at 2 o'clock, the first it is devoid law idea, the 2nd it is to lack sincere letter. People looks law very gently, see force, influence and impact very again. Illegal behavior often is not regarded danger and disgrace, be regarded instead capable to have idea. More terrible is, without the person of sincere letter, employ the political trickery, person that uses cunning scheme, in us the country often won't be punished, still develop even rise, ' 5 people of person 6 ' the ground swagger through the street. ' starved to death and recreant, maintain dead audacious ' , ' the pronoun that simple minded is incapacity ' . Still force of some of National People's Congress promotes wolf culture, teach a person how fierce, how to make scheme plan others. Sincere letter spends the society coast of body resembling mountain is same, bold and flowing. Morality is short of break model the loss that low quality state brings to national economy place has how old, do not know who can say to be clear about. If say its destroy force to exceed education to be short of,break model low quality, roughly won't wrong. Roughly won't wrong..
Although a lot of netizens reject afore-mentioned speech, but I however almost by king, make 2 gentlemen say so that be sincerely convinced. Is culture quality low be " is quality low " behave? Devoid law idea and is lacking sincere letter " is quality low " behave? Not only such, I am OK still a lot of example show adduce Chinese quality is low. For instance: The Chinese's fitness seems to did not see it is good to have many; For instance, the Chinese does not have independent character more very much, slavish, fight in the nest, hypocritical, two-faced, bright with dark say with do watch and in completely differ; For instance, consciousness of Chinese social morality is not strong, etc.
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