Education is undeserved cause cheeper psychogenic disorder easily
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Have student of late to 5-6 year old cheeper undertook sampling investigating, the result is surprising: Short-tempered occupy 15.72% , nature is peculiar occupy 4.84% , jumpy occupy 28.33% , behavior problem is occupied 9.02% , social association is undesirable occupy 2.86% , mood obstacle is occupied 10.33% , feebleminded occupy 0.66% , still have arrearage of partiality for a particular kind of food, verbal development, separative worry in addition, force a phenomenon to wait.
Investigate discovery, the cause that causes cheeper psychogenic disorder basically has 3 kinds. The first kind happens in surround produce period, pregnancy mother contagion, toxic, hidebound, abdomen is traumatic. The 2nd kind is to lack nursery school to be taught normally, the child of household appears beyond the mark and bashful, be afraid of see a person, suit hard in new environment. The 3rd kind is domestic environment element.
In these environments, insalubrious domestic environment and the incorrect educational method influence to the child are attached most importance to especially should. Above all: Disaccord harmonious family or parents leave other, make cheeper is at a loss, or lose caress duely, form self-abased, depressed, disposition easily eccentric, impatient wait for abnormal psychology. Next, educational method is undeserved. One kind is doting to the child indulge, docile and obedient, make cheeper is formed proud, selfish, capricious wait for undesirable disposition; Another kind is to use dozen, scold, frighten, close wait for education, make the child becomes cowardly and depressed. Still have, those who teach way is abhorrent with the parent between Yo of method, requirement, manner abhorrent, make cheeper secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing or not know what to do.