Our country 3 meet with into cheeper " negligence is mistreated " the parent was
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Hold recently " international prevents to mistreat children seminar " on the investigation that announce shows, in the 3 urban children of Chinese that come 6 years old average 3 become those who sufferred certain form " negligence " . And in the world, negligence child and body are mistreated, spirit is mistreated like waiting, be labelled " mistreat children " behavior. This investigation is concerned expert in 25 cities, 1163 3 reach what undertake in children 6 years old, the result shows, it is to the average negligence rate of children 28% . To this, the children of Tianjin teachs group public figure to think, the rate that this city cheeper gets negligence is returned than this average slightly a few taller, because the more big city, the social pressure of young father and mother is greater, the time that they take care of the child is less. Investigation shows: The affection negligence that the parent often does not cause with child communication, game is the form of a kind of negligence with top occurence rate, the feeling in child growing process needed to be ignored.
Investigation shows: Our country makes an appointment with the children of 20% is by its ancestors is being brought up in the life, be in Tianjin, the average proportion that the phenomenon that lies between era to bring up wants to compare the throughout the country is a few higher. Young father and mother thinks the old person has experience mostly, to the child take care of it is better to also can compare baby-sitter, can lie between era to bring up also have a few negative effects. Lie between era to bring up raise easier nurturance child than parents the capricious, selfish, disposition that do as one wants, go against the child to provide for oneself the education of ability. To the child, cannot get to attaching affection of parents contented, also can make their generation depressed, bring about psychology and behavior obstacle.
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