New student be swung to play child mother from 6 buildings unexpectedly not full
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On December 21, 2003 before dawn 5 when make, in road of Shandong of rich of Shanghai Pudong new developed area 440 lane some appears inside date appalling one act: A male baby whole body that just is born is installed barely to be in waists-coat bag, drop from 6 buildings in 4 buildings inside the window of guard against theft of an other people. The air temperature that day has left and right sides of 1 ° C only, the baby that who will just be born can cruel-heartedly is cast from upstairs when the day freezes coldly come down? The foot at the beginning of classics police is checked, the person that fling baby is this building the resident of 602 rooms, the mother of male baby is actually not full of 16 one full year of life " girl mother " . Male baby sends the die young after the hospital urgently after morning time is discovered by 4 buildings dweller. After tragic happening, cause the intense echo of social all circles and wide attention instantly.
As we have learned, after its happening, that " girl mother " after examining the body from the hospital, homeward person puts forward to want to answer the school to attend class, appear and had been thrown into confusion without the quiet life that realizes oneself. But according to her classmaster Mr. Li says, during her Zhou Yi reads to Zhou Wu, live in already grandma home of 85 years old, but arrived to be able to go to the maternal home of Pudong to live on the weekend. And the student that Mr. Li also believes him hard from beginning to end can be pregnant actually produce child " astringent " fact. Say of ground of deep feeling of grief of Mr. Li mood: "The case that I never discover to she has similar and gravid reaction inside these 9 months appears, she often also is wearing the jeans to attend class. Be in at ordinary times of scamper about of after school time, very active. Abdomen does not have apparent apophysis feature already, gym also passes without absent on. How can you become girl mother suddenly? I do not know to be below the state that does not have anybody know the inside story really, 9 months that she is pregnant are how to be boiled come over. 9 months that she is pregnant are how to be boiled come over..
And serve as what with her a very short time gets along first some 3 classmates, should hear she is pregnant produce child after the message, all without exception shows the look that gives stunned. Occupying them to introduce her is the English class delegate in class, study result is right, the person grows very delicately. One classmate says: "21 days of mornings, my as usual goes to her home waiting for her to went to school together. Want to be less than, was to produce such thing so, too terrible! Too terrible!!
As we have learned: "Girl mother " in begin to talk about love temporarily first, one is close friends quite with officer male friend, rise first 3 hind, below the teacher's education, two people unlike was close to publicly in campus in that way as one used to do. Somebody guesses infantile father is that schoolboy likely. But additionally the message says, march 2003, "Girl mother " after learning with Ceng Zaifang of one female classmate, 3 men hold sb under duress suffers in school gate mouth, be raped by disaster hind, bring about be pregnant produce child. According to from mix all the time together first " girl mother " say with the girl of the desk, she did not hear of " girl mother " last year what misfortune ever had encountered when March, also do not write down whether she is mediumly class and emotionally had been been short of what to had produced when March acuteness wave motion, her impression is the same as mediumly desk it is special health all the time lively, pure and fresh but of the person.
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