Let the child grow like wild flower
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Swiss parent shops to the supermarket, often cuddle of by the waist of a hand is worn the child, outside the facial face of dot, small arm crus is being extended, seem to be able to sneak away at any time go to the fields goes. Air cooling comes over, the parent not block also not attack by surprise, shop of optional ground pass in and out.
Chinese parent, two hands always take care the ground is remittent adopt the child closely in the bosom, zun Yeyou blocks the ground to wrap the child Yan Yan is solidly, let the chest that the child's face Yours Excellency forward, always fear the child can be blown by wind, be worn by drench.
Swiss person thinks generally, the child that just was born resembles a seed, the growth with certain need environment. Adult cannot too control the child, want to leave the space of free development to the child. For instance a hand adopts the child, his little hand crus is OK swing, the eye can watch more outside things, contact adequately with sunshine, air all over, be helpful for child acclimatization and health growing so.
Well-known writer puts heart old person on the ice to say: "Make the child natural like wild flower grow. " this is a notion that she inculcates a respect in children, this kind of viewpoint is taught to the children of our country especially domestic education side has far-reaching sense. The world that our child faces in the future is diversity, open information age, the consciousness that this asks everybody has independent thought and innovation, ability that develop and chooses. This kind of ability should be fostered as a child and take exercise. Let us do father and mother loosen two double hands that tying the child closely, still give them a free environment, comfortable growing space, let them breathe easily, be experienced to the top of one's bent and explore the boundless secret in nature, widen their eye shot. Such child ability are in unrestrained exploration, in the environment that does not have pressure easily play gives them lively good move, the nature of innocent curiosity. Only such, our child ability resembles " wild flower " kind thrive, contend for strange bottle colourful.