Children socialization and the error that the family teachs are analysed
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The character that there is a paragraph to talk about a family to teach in the best seller that teachs about learning originally recently caused attention. Be as follows cento of this paragraph of character now: "Most brain researcher believes firmly, in the head in one individual lifetime in 4 years, cerebrum finished the cerebrum cell of about 50% to connect -- that is the passageway that will come to all study to be based on its to go up. If this is true word, so, family, is not the school, it is the most important education orgnaization on the world; The parent, is not a teacher, it is main illuminative pedagogue. But, although be in a lot of advanced countries, be less than the father with the prospective mother of 50% and quite small percentage to attend the antenatal course of any forms only, and these course also are nevertheless normally about what bear. Parent education is a blank completely almost, the training of the respect such as indispensible without development of such as cerebra food and the optimal and exciting kind that childhood learner needs. " with such a paragraph extremely close slashing character will describe the China that has tradition of family education of a few chiliad to have it seems that break biased. Once we are used,can be scientific, a few new direction of the history that contemporary eye will come to to examine Chinese family teach, current situation and development, can discover build those who be based on the science over pattern of growth of children body and mind truly, the domestic education of open mode, no matter still was done not have now in the past,can gain ground in the round. When the central point that makes attention of place of this this times, society in talent, education, the history that we are necessary to be taught to our country family undertakes retrospective, to its the current situation undertakes thinking over, undertake forecast and be analyticed to the incline to of development, teach benign evolution in order to promote children socialization and family.
The conscious or involuntary behaviour that parents foster the child anticipates the colour that contains ego of heavy on next generation bodies model more or less. But right now, what the family teachs method and way is newer greatly lag always does not have the feeling that stops and corporeal investment at parents. In fact, parents have education to children according to his intuition and traditional experience mostly, and this kind of intuition and some kind of traditional experience often runs in the opposite direction with scientific family education way, prevail on family teachs an error:
(1) with " prodigy " education replaces inchoate development. Scientific little education should be intellective to including development, creativity development, the quality that is not intellective element education and moral character to wait inside is developed in the round, should be to build more be in little the reasonable development over base of normal development of body and mind.
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