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A teaching staff says, "Children are bearing in grow nowadays the Jiaohua of a lot of contradictory philosophy, viewpoint of value. " see the parent beside us and child, such problem really everywhere is visible: While parents are telling the child what is right, oneself always are being done however a few " bad thing " ...

(One) " teach by word of mouth " with " teaching by one's own example " contradictory

In be an upright person on, present child lies " teach by word of mouth " with " teaching by one's own example " in contradiction.

A lot of parents are told to the child at the same time " bead bead is all painstaking " , at the same time however conveniently is refuse the food of disagreement taste; Tell to the child at the same time " Kong Rong lets pear " , at the same time however crowded car of ground of strive to be the first is grabbed; Admonish at the same time if the child should listen to a teacher well, judge a head to talk to the teacher rear again however at the same time sufficient... the contradictory behavior of such, can be found everywhere.

(2) " teach thoroughly " with " rich religion " contradictory

On the life, today's child lies " teach thoroughly " with " rich religion " in contradiction.

Now the clear improvement of people material standard of living, make people able to offer better living conditions for children. Plus now is a singleton mostly female, make people is willing to dedicate for its from affection everything. But on the other hand, the parent hopes children wants to put idea on study more again however, tell difficult and simple great truth greatly, this nature lets child not know what to do.

(3) " doting " with " traitorous " contradictory

On parentage, today's child lies " doting " with " traitorous " in contradiction.

A lot of parent two pairs ask femaly, grant whatever is requested almost, the outcome that can change is, children does not respect parents, do not understand parents, walk along an extreme even, raised Babylon butcher's knife to parents. To this, the parent should be serious self-criticism, him introspection educational concept and means, actually a lot of defect of the child are ourselves teachs come out.

(4) " indulge " with " bossy " contradictory

On educational means, present child lies " abandon " with " bossy " in contradiction.

Some parents are self-righteous, always think the child is very small, a lot of defect on child body were regarded as a kind of innocent expression, to laissez-faire of its defect mistake, do not impose any control. And on the other hand, the parent that the parent of 50% can depend on him " authoritative " , go interfering the child's life overly, in a lot of parent eyes, the child is his furniture only forever, they are not willing or not to be pooh-poohed acquires the position with him equality at letting the child, do not know the right that respects the child and moral quality.
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