How to face children to lie with violent phenomenon
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Children just learned to talk and walk, it is a joyful thing, he subsequently and will can produce a your person's furious job. For example, it is him children broke feeding bottle obviously, can ask when mom who he is when breaking feeding bottle, father breaks children insists stubbornly however into pieces; If be twin, the likelihood censures each other, it is him children ate off the candy on the desk obviously, but people has he insists stubbornly, even him make water trousers, also can say be people make water.

When parents criticizes him, he can revolt sometimes with the form that fight noisely, resemble sometimes " oppressor " .

How do this plant look upon children " crammer " and " atrocious " behavior? This and the age feature that learn the psychology of early days children very about. Say commonly, of this period " lying " behavior can be divided to lie unconsciously and lie conciously two kinds.

Inchoate moment is belonged to more lie unconsciously. Because at this moment the development of children utterance still is in a kind to imitate gender and the conversational phase that guess a gender, still cannot completely purposeful the ground, accurate without by accident report objective fact. Oneself do he may say the thing that his does, the thing that does oneself possibly also says is someone else be some kind of animal doing even. After, realize when him oneself were done when evildoing can suffer penalty, family or other little girl do the bad thing that can do his conciously says, in order to escape punishment, oneself do the good work that does someone else possibly also of course says, in order to get admiration, appear to lie conciously thereby.

Do not hear criticism as to the child, cry for fight noisely, as inchoate as children also experience and the limitation that intelligence develops are concerned. Two pairs of the parents in children surroundings female physical punishment, the acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance in movie and TV, young associate people bottle be troubled by, the immediate impact source that is behavior of brutal " of this kind of " . Again what temporary nerve contacts together with in right now children pallium area is simple and indigent, more the settlement that decided him the means of the problem is drab, babyish and obstinate.

   So how to treat the child that already had lying action?

It is to want distinction to treat, want to notice not to hurt the child's proper pride. Belong to lie unconsciously, want to help him discern. And lie conciously, parents is about severity checked, can use an old practice " " the wolf came " " wait for a specification to lie bad story will teach the child.

2 it is to teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution. Example effect of parents is very main. Parents should become the child allow teacher, and the teacher that is true qualification. Some parents often comment before the child the when cheating behavior or his to have malinger of a few people does not go to work, cause the bad effect of exert a subtle influence on to the child. Parent itself became the child's lying illuminative person, became " when the above behave wrongly " .
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