The parent should teach the child to use a mobile phone correctly
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I think the high school student takes a mobile phone to go to the school is not an evildoing, see you how to use, have urgent thing for example can with parent contact, the parent when returning behindhand also know the inside story, need not worry. When I think the mainest is to become the child to take a mobile phone to go to the school for the first time, the parent should let the child understand what the effect that takes a mobile phone and purpose are, is not abuse, this is the first class that the parent must attend for the child. My child is read now first courtyard, at the outset he takes a mobile phone to go to the school, the mobile phone closes before I enjoin him to enter the school, open a mobile phone after school, won't attend class so not absorption, play game or send news in brief.

Additional, the parent also should let the child understand the tool that the mobile phone is communication, not be adornment, also not be to take those who show off, not was necessary to be updated ceaselessly.

Although Ministry of Education was not banned,show a student to take a mobile phone to go to the school, but also should not use at any time inside the school, the student should abide by this, cannot appearing problem, shift responsibility to the teacher to solve. What should the parent do? The result that sees the child only? The parent's responsibility is not to work only make money, become the child to be in the automatic drawing machine of materially, go however the understanding, body and mind that cares the child is healthy. The every word and deed of child of a lot of moment can reflect the success or failure that the family teachs. Not when its happening, shirk responsibility, can kill the child only in that way.

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