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As social development, the children that how is the parent taught and has fostered oneself is the focal problem of current season society. French philosopher loves Er maintenance to have an axiom: Even if common child, want to teach do sth in the proper way only, also meet the person that becomes rough commonplace.

"Hope children will have a bright future " it is every parent's general state of mind. This is understandable, also have resonance. But often teach a method because of the parent undeserved, the child cannot be become " dragon " , have more very person, trend opposite. How does ability teach the child to serve as somewhat? The shallow that the individual talks about below is known.

One, the domestic environment with favorable activate

The child enrages atmosphere, psychology in definite psychology grow in the environment, the environment recognizes dispute of the world, judgement and mood experience to them, having main effect. So, the parent answers the domestic atmosphere with good activate, with decorous gout, civilized bearing, make the child gets the infection of exert a subtle influence on, edification and education. From the discovery in the investigation to the child, the parent behavior that the child detests has: Add exercise not to allow entertainment; Exorbitant to achievement expectation; Rub mahjong affects study; Search satchel stranglehold; Be troubled by contradictory family to be on bad terms; Dozen (scold) child random abreacts. By this token, the parent must teach a thought rightly, with scientific educational method, activate is harmonious, harmonious, democratic the domestic environment of atmosphere, can produce positive effect to the child. At the same time, the parent still answers much care, caressing child. Give them a few smiles more, feel interest to their doing more. Any effort to them and success should urgent when give praise and encourage, although this is planted,effort and success are negligible. When they learn or practicing, want to allow them to make a mistake, just began to perhaps be done badly, but do not go censuring them, the level that does not use adult goes asking they. Say when them " I am no good " or " I cannot be done " when, should encourage them to try come again, must not quit to save time or devoid patience. Otherwise, once their nurturance the undesirable habit that makes what thing quit, so, they will won't experience success forever, their self-respect also can be reduced gradually. Should let the child believe so from already, believe " I can go " . Be like Japan famous psychologist is much lake brightness professor, in one's childhood special archness, study result is not ideal also, return within an inch of by school just compel leave school, can become college professor however later. Ask him when somebody why when he can gain so great success, he says not without proud ground: "This must be attributed to my mother. " in one's childhood, the mother often says to him: "You ah, do not love to learn now, but, sooner or later you can like to learn. " " you can become a marvelous important person in the future, this bit, mom is the clearest. " at that time, he himself does not believe, the word that says because of the mother and feasibility condition differ too great disparity. But every time when he encounters a setback, the mother always encourages him so confidently. "Do not know from when to rise, I also think so: Perhaps perhaps meet in the future such. " he says: "Especially when I face those disastrous failure, maternal word always emerges in brain. Can explain from this example, the parent's encouragement and self-confidence, make the child is in innocently in establish rose " I can go " belief. In addition, give the child successful chance even, let the child establish self-confidence in the success, progress is achieved in self-confidence. Want to let the child score a success, the parent is about the actual condition according to the child, make the goal that the child can achieve through effort, if be target analogy " peach " it should be " jump can pick " . If the end is too high, the child is passed hard still short of, he can lose confidence and interest; If too low, did not challenge a gender, also cannot arouse successful desire.
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