As efficient as the child communication limbs language
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In Australia, parents always crouchs what communicate with the child. Once, I and the child that Kathy of a friend is bringing her 5 years old go buying a toy. The friend can buy 20 yuan toy only today with her young daughter specification beforehand, specific it what want is OK to what want oneself are chosen. But child of 5 years old still is known not quite see the value, holding a toy in the arms single-handed, say to want.

Then, the friend crouchs before the child, patiently explanation says, the price of 2 toys adds up exceeded 20 yuan, she can choose a among them only. Although little girl is very loath, but did not cry sensibly still be troubled by, compare seriously one time however, singled out that toy that oneself want.

See this one act, because the child that I associate to see case before and parents want not to buy a toy, and the scene that does not leave in the conflict in bazaar, the Yo that praises her again and again means. Kathy says, parents wants to be communicated with her first before dictating to the child, among them, the communication of the eyes is very important. In western society, the eye that the other side looks at when the speech is a kind of courtesy, this bit is euqally applicable to the child. Accordingly, when parents speaks with the child, should crouch, the eye is smooth inspect them, have eyes communication. If at this moment the child did not see you, be about to make his name, also stop to regarding as with you till him.

Not only such, australian parent still thinks, crouching to speak with the child is a kind of very effective limbs language. It tells the child, parents and you are equal, should not take commanding stance; Parents values your independent human dignity, encounter a thing to be willing to talk things over with you, is not inflict is crude command and censure simply. As time passes, the child can produce independent move, be willing to make allowances for parents, make the judgement accord with reason to its itself, is not or traitorous, or is excessive depend on parents. I think, crouch to speak with the child, was to shorten not just those a few centimeters distance, it is two generation more between popular feeling and heart extremely precious communicate with blend.

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