Dissolve the acting channel between the child and parent
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Mr Li with pretty good family circumstances enjoys better education to let baby daughter, the decision sends the daughter abroad famous brand university. Before two days, mr Li a feeling pleased daughter from " the noble studies abroad preparatory school " receive come home degree weekend. The expenditure that the daughter is in preparatory school one year near 100 thousand yuan, but her achievement is not ideal. Accordingly, mr Li had the inquiry of sincere words and earnest wishes to the daughter. The following day, ground of Mr Li unexpected sees one paragraph makes him the character of be bitterly disappointed: "I hate him, I also do not want to see him again... " the handwriting that is hoping the daughter is puerile, as Mr Li of the expert steep unripe defeat feels, heart grey meaning is cold, he is not clear: I am caressed 1000 kinds to her, all the different kind is favorite, preparation spends million yuan send her to go abroad read, because criticize a few, she hates me so far, why does the fine that she understands me not at all suffer from the intention?

The son of Zang Nv person is read tall 3, be worth the university entrance exam, the family has to his care add, for fear that is thoughtless, influence child is reviewed. Since period of time, zang Nv person discovers the son's mobile phone expends rocket, be in the home always also is ground of block cloak attack by surprise is holding phone Lao in both hands not was over, zang Nv person just urged a son: Time is valuable, make a few telephone calls less. Son agitatedly: Do not let call, I jump down from upstairs, zang Nv person is dumb like that. She dare not tell the husband this thing, be afraid that the husband gets angry dozen of child, the son jumps really building.

It is parents grow hiss at the same time, present child is in charge of too hard, not obedient; It is children at the same time short sigh, how doesn't parents understand us, are they also from us this age is brought up? This kind of each other does not understand to call acting channel.

Acting channel is to point to two generation the person because the difference that the differ and brings idea idea of the respect such as standard of means of value sense, thinking, behavior means, morality, behavior is used to. "Acting border conflicts " the difference that the two acting people that cause by this one difference namely are resolving the respect such as standard of problem of issue way, evaluation to arise and contradiction.

Because the adolescent that enters adolescence depends on the gender is abate, independent character increases, make kiss thereby child two acting people produce certain distance on the understanding that handles a thing. As a result of the manner different reach have a difference of opinions, because this appeared chasm of manage of be of one mind, cause adolescent to think parents does not understand them, occupied would rather exchange views with the classmate, and do not wish to be recounted to the parent; Even in order to resent, bunt, revolt, violate the custody that waits for means to try to cast off adult or society, with oneself means act, hold to oneself ideal and the standard that judge dispute.
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