Should the parent do some of what for the children before school age?
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The child of nursery school the top class in a kindergarten is about to rise elementary school to read, but they sit in elementary school classroom can prim attend a lecture, observe classroom discipline and custom? The day before yesterday in the morning, in elementary school of experiment of the Yangtse River, child of the top class in a kindergarten of nursery school of Hangzhou much home undertakes the whole process with vivid pupil experiences.

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Attention " 15 minutes " it is bank

9:40, mathematical class. The parents that follow hall be a visitor at a meeting have a main job: Observe the attention on him child classroom, the record fills in on the questionnaire that offers in time in the school. Quiet classroom order maintained ten minutes, classroom begins later " active " : Some children are left twist, right twist, very disturbed cent; Some children had turned round to search sit retrospective father mother; Some is flat go away from the seat, go to the side of pa Mom directly.

From " classroom is listened attentively to spend and participate in degree " in light of an investigation, in 96 children, exceed 70% to be in 10, 15 minutes between.

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The phenomenon of snivel is very common

"Sit on classroom flabby still do not calculate big question, my child too be afraid of unfamiliar, how should this be good? " Ms. Wang that seeing a daughter do exercise pours bitter water to the reporter. So just her daughter does not know what reason ground to cry, with the child there still is tear when the activity together. Because attended the child of the experience to come from different nursery school that day, because this appears a little unfamiliar and overcautious together. The daughter disposition of Ms. Wang is a little indrawn, flag-raising ceremony ends, she " wow " the ground cried, go straight towards mom bosom continuously.

"Below new environment, the mood of dot can be compared commonly low, dare not chat with the person. " president Lou Ge orchid say, these are normal expression. Nevertheless she emphasizes, dot has intense mood show below new new environment, because they do not have self-confident heart,in the final analysis is.

Training menu of the parent

A surname president thinks, little the most crucial depends on rearing the child self-confidence in joining, had self-confident very much problem can oneself are overcome. In this process, the parent is acting an effect that cites passerby. As a result of the child time of content of located environment, study, work and rest, provide for oneself the requirement produce bigger change, should realise as the parent these change can appear necessarily beforehand, specific aim ground takes step. For this, elementary school of experiment of the Yangtse River is summed up before experience, offerred bill of fare of item of a preparation for the parent and child:
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