Chinese parents Yo error of state of mind
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"Like to be the gild on him face with the child's achievement, a be Chinese parents ' abusive ' . " a mother that has experience of overseas pursue one's studies and " good child Yo net " the expert discussed Yo a few topics that take an error. During overseas studies abroad, in the pluralistic job that this mom sees the child in side foreigner, the state of mind that begins the education that ever got to oneself and Chinese parents had quite.

Study is to enrich ego, is not be implementation parents expect

She says: "Be in the United States, parents won't take the child of his child and others to compare painstakingly, never can say, you see others had been met what what, and how don't you still try hard the word of and so on. Look in them, every child has him characteristic, they can follow the child's past to compare only, it is OK to there should be progress than yesterday today only. This, with Chinese parents very different. " she says frankly, as a child oneself supervise and urge with respect to what the life keeps in parents in sound: "You see the child next door meet your read fairy tale book; Why on your class such-and-such taller than your mark? Why on your class such-and-such taller than your mark??

In so intense competition consciousness, she is early had known more than 1000 Chinese characters before school age.

4 years old begin to fiddle, she learns hard, coerce oneself achieve parental requirement.

But in parental eye fellowship of pass an entrance examination goes abroad this the elite child that study abroad, heart actually joyless all the time. For quite a long time, she just lives in the face that is parents.

After going abroad, she thought to had fulfilled parental requirement for a time even, indulge oneself. Study abroad in the United States just about during, her thought had tremendous change. She discovers, educational view of the United States is attached most importance to with individual character, children learn knowledge is to enrich ego, is not be implementation parents expect.

She says: "The love in Chinese society vies, tell outer part. Blind vies, cause what the cost expects to the child between parents not only ' armament race ' , more interior shading of the child. If the child suffers domestic culture the influence is more profound also the characteristics that nurturance loves to vie, they won't get used to the mainstream culture of international society. In American school, if the student haggles over every ounce take an examination of cent, place, bear the palm to wait a moment, be very enrol others to feel disgusted. Have the person of this kind of habit, be on a society to also can isolate. " now, herself also had a daughter, she economic condition is very good did not arrange a daughter early attend of all kinds course, exclusive importunate is, accompany a daughter to make game, taletelling.
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