The age that decides future paragraph education
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Our country has since ancient times " 3 years old look big, 7 years old look old " say. In the world a lot of experts think inchoate education begins from 3 years old already too late. Because of the education to the person should from be born begin, say exactly should begin from the child's development. It is different that the concept of inchoate education passes the education that thinks on all meaning with everybody, the concept of this education is broad sense, especially in the infant this cerebra forms 60 % previously level, particularly important.

The education of this period is main the purpose is the environment that abounds them, the sensory system that allows them gets more perversing stimulate with development, the cerebrum growth that allows them thereby reachs the optimal level that their oneself can reach. What this period education asks is the appeal that allows the child to keep good, feel this world with full interest. After be being stimulated through all sorts of sense organs, his cerebra can go up from physiology, on the structure, it is better that the development on the function is gotten, will come so even if very perfect very clever child.

Kasibi teachs expert of division of spirit of 1980 England London and kingly institute person of the same trade is opposite 1000 3 years old cheeper undertakes interview, these cheeper are respectively be full of self-confidence, good suit, tie of tacit, ego and feel restless 5 kinds big.

2003, become them 26 years old namely when, have interview and the investigation to their relatives and friends again, the result is as follows:

Be full of self-confidence: After manhood, optimistic, firm, decisive, leader desire is strong. Good suit: The show after manhood is not self-confident, light distracted.

Tacit: The expression after manhood compares average person more the feeling that apt conceals him, do not be willing to affect another person.

Feel restless: The expression after manhood is behavior inactive, attention is dispersive, make excessive response more easily to bagatelle affection, easy affliction and anger. Not actual, heart head is narrow, easy insecurity and generation antagonism mood.

Ego tie: Manhood hind and in one's childhood same.

Professor Kasibi points out, parents is sure to treat the education in ability of the many sided 3 years old ago seriously. Must learn below teacher guidance and develop.

If parents can be 3 years old ago, the advantage that goes up to child personality undertakes fostering of purpose, to the blemish in child personality and weakness, undertake conciously correctional, and good to modelling cheeper individual character is very important.


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